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May 8….The Awakening!

The predators are feeding.

May 7

We’ll, my weather station was calling for 9mph winds…not! Try 15+.  Then to add insult to injury I had some good old boys with pops running the creek.  Pops was drivin and the boys each had some big nets…one off each side of the boat trying to catch asian carp as they jump out of the water.  Good times. I was nearly swamped by those ass holes.  Not only that but they were shooting too, while i fished not 100 yards away.  I wish ida had a gun today! There’s a list of things I hate…wind and powerboats  rank near the top.  If your gunna be respectful that’s one thing but blasting the creek while there’s a guy trying to fish from a kayak doesn’t cut it.  Thats one good reason not to fish on weekends…you might run into some fuck heads.  Despite those asses i did manage a couple of fish.  I fished a size 6 black ops again and got 2 goldeye, 1 baby hybrid, and 2 channel catfish.  Then I called it a day, a guy can only handle so much bullshit.  When I got home I broke out the skipjack and the goldeye from the day before for some gyotaku fish prints.  Its not easy but im starting to get the hang of what needs to happen.

8 species One day One fly

Into Combat I roll…

Combat Fishing  Urban Fishing


Grass Carp Fly, grass carp flies, grass carpFirst Up, I tied on the “Shank Feather Backstabber”  The action on this fly is just tits.  The First Grassies I saw were in search mode when they heard this fly hit nearby, I cast again and wham…too bad i was cast over a snag and he pulled off.  Since I fish 20 lb fluorocarbon I seldom lose a fly.  The Moments later I foolishly whipped my line up into a tree…had to cut and then lost my awesome fly!  Nuts!!!!  I feel a tie session coming on.  I quickly proceeded to a to tie on a size 6 black ops….and was quickly into another grass carp.


"all species fly""carp fly" "catfish fly" 'hybrid fly" " grass carp fly"carpIt Was a strange day on the water…very clear and lots of carp on the down wind bank.  Carp of every species…asian carp, gass carp, and common carp, I think i even saw some buffalo, and of course gar, all lethargic just sitting under the trees.  I finally made it to where I was jettisoned from the kayak earlier this week at the levee under seepage.  and proceeded to catch a bunch of  little hybrids, a skipjack herring, and a goldeye all on the size 6 black ops leech/baitfish.  I’ve never landed a skipjack before, I kept him and the goldeye for gyotaku fish prints.

Hybrid BassI had a good time catching about 10 of these little guys… and this guy( a skipjack).

skipjack herring

and this guy  (a goldeye)

Then it was on too some more grass carp, which were hard to find. 90 % of the fish were lethargic…you had to spot the big fast movers or the cloppers.  I managed this one on a foam ball with dubbing superglued on, which makes a nice fly if you can pull it off.  This fish was a real fighter.

grass carp fly fishing

foam ball with dubbing super-glued on.

Carp fly "grass carp fly" "carp fly"

Then it was back for some more baby Hybrids and a gar.  I hate gar. They will thrash your fly and your hands viciously. 

Up the Creek was pretty skinny water..there were some real spooky grass carp clopping but I scared one and he told the others i was there…end of that.  on the way back down I got this channel catfish.

I really like catfish.  They’re downright cute.

Then i got the rare walleye/sauger.  I’ve only caught about 4 of these in three years.

I finished off the day with a nice little punkin seed.  Late morning into mid day seems to be the ticket.  Should get another day on the water before long.

Count it up you’ve got 8 species in one day on one fly…the size 6 black ops leech/bait fish.I will be tying up some more of these and some more shank feather backstabbers in black and brown.  I’d be willing to bet this fly works on just about every fish out there.  Across the country.

Black Ops Put to the Test

I just had a feeling on my way to the creek that I was going to catch something large.  Once I’d gotten the yak on the water and made my way down I tied on a size 8 black op.  Couple of cast and bang.

Gold eye

Gold Eye

I continued to make my way down the creek…stoping at a spot on the levee that allows flood waters under it and out into the fields on the other side.  Whenever the waters in the creek recede there is a flow of warm nutrient rich water back into the creek.  The baitfish stack up in there and so does everyone else…gar, catfish, hybrids, carp, asian carp.  Last night we had a cold rain so this wasnt the tremendous fish attractor it can be, but I did snag a couple of asian carp.  If you’ve ever snagged an asian  you know they can fight hard as hell.  I moved on down to the next levee seep hole and fish for 10-15 min and decided to move on.  Several moments later, I realized my fly was fouled and I thought to myself, “better go back and throw this guy up in that last hole just to make sure” .  I did, on my second or third cast I got a “bite” and set the hook.  On setting the hook line tension  became unbelievable.  I had to ask myself, “What the fuck is going on” The fish wasn’t really moving but i couldn’t budge him an inch…then slowly it began to move.  I could tell this was one of the largest fish I had every set hook to. The adrenaline was pumping full on.  I had to keep him outa this tree to my left,

so I made the decision to apply as much pressure as possible regardless of the consequences, I could barely hold onto my line without it slipping out my fingers, only thing was I hadn’t dropped my anchor and sure enough he dragged me and the yak right into that tree.  “I’ll be damned If I’m gunna lose this fish” I thought. In my crazed state I slammed the trolling motor into reverse, it wasn’t doing a damned thing so I cranked it to full forward instead.  This might have worked had I not thrown myself in the drink in the process.  I managed to grab and outrigger with my left hand while keeping the rod in my right.  I got back in quick and shut off the motor just as the fish freed itself by bending the hook out.

I cursed at the top of my lungs, shaking from the experience.  It was My belief that I was hooked into a monster Catfish during and after the fight.  However, later in the day I came to realize that the chances of it being a big asian carp were much better.  I will never know.   That’s why I fish 20lb test.  I moved down the creek towards the Missouri River, only managing another gold eye and a hybrid bass.  On my way back up I stopped at the big fish spot and did some more casting.  Managing to hook a bighead in the mouth?  its entirely likely I snagged him in the mouth, though i have heard of asian carp hitting jiggs.  This fish didn’t fight at all.  unlike the other silver carp I had hooked earlier.