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Have I covered all the Bases

Pretty sure I could go out and catch 90-95% of whats out there with whats right here…Bass bluegill trout catfish carp you name it.

Carp flies, catfish flies, trout flies, bass flies, bluegill fliesgood flies for carp and catfish but also bluegill bass trout and more

Floating Mulberry Flies

I wanted to do a realistic floating mulberry just for the sake of realism.  Other than my flies being black instead of deep deep purple (almost black) I think i did pretty well. The first fly i came up with is probably aesthetically unpleasing to most and may not hold up well, and for that matter may not set well in the fishes mouth because of its large size.

a floating fly for carp or catfishGood Grass Carp Fly?

a floating fly for carp or catfishAfter i did two of these…(Frankenstein berries)  i tried a different tactic.  Instead of a full piece of foam i cut a piece in half.  Also, instead of slicing a slit in the bottom i made a hole with my scissors  and inserted the foam over the hook eye after I had the rubber  stem and a good thread base coated in supper glue, and then trimmed to shape.  I think they may both work.  I will just have to see how the fishing goes.

a floating mulberry fly for carp and catfish


floating fly for carp

If i wanted to get stupid anal i would head a head finishing tool and melt little circles into the base of this but that would be dumb right? I think the second two are better all around (looks and fishability), how bout you?

Its still my preference to fish a small black fly with bead chain eyes like the Black Ops as that fly works as well if not better than any other I have ever fished…for just about any species out there (I like size 6 and 8 for mulberry fishing). A floating fly gives carp too much opportunity to inspect and analyze your fly.  If you move it when they are looking often they will freak and often if you try and place it again…they already know better and will freak again.  Many times I’ve placed a fly behind a fishes ear…he turns interested and eager but when he see’s the fly that freaked him a couple of minutes ago…he bolts. Also, once you’ve caught a couple of fish under one tree, the fish may stop feeding on the surface, but continue below.  Or just find a safe place to wait out the storm.  When you fish a black ops no one really knows what got jimmy…so the fish can’t get sensitized to what your throwing as easily as they can with a floater.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not shunning these flies from my box(es) but i just love the underwater unseen hook up as I’m stripping my fly.  Its kinda like being at the bluegill pond, only the bluegill are 20-30 lbs or more.


Yes!!! some nice fly rod Catfish today…. of course i was up under the mulberry trees mostly…the cats will hit anytime from just after splash down all the way down to around 6-8 ft deep as best I can tell.  I was using mostly small balck and purple flies today(black ops and purple penetraters  or what not), the blue cat hit a little bit larger heavier black fly that looks like a woolly bugger, the retrieve was slow to moderate with pauses and variations in how the fly was fished.  The carp came mostly on the small black and purple flies…mostly bead chain eyes, but i did use a  foam core purple berry fly that did not float…  the take can be  so subtle and fast its nearly impossible to get hook a grass carp if you can’t see the fly go in its mouth.  Next time I will have straight black foam berries that do float.  As a general trend the carp are spooky and selective with rising water, on falling water they are much easier to catch.  The same fly that was killing them a couple days ago they wanted nothing to do with until later in the day as water began to fall.   Also, word to the wise… never try and lip a big cat like its a bass, your likely to get your thumb tore up.   Anyhows…straight to pics.

A Gagle of Mulberry Flies

Maybe these flies should be called the “don’t ask can’t tell”  series because I don’t know why a mulberry with a tail swimming through the water catches grass carp? do you?  Please tell.  Perhaps it looks like a mulberry sucking leech….(an new warmwater fly im going to come out with!) I know for sure that the plop as the fly hits gets the carp’s attention and they begin to search for what made the noise…you would assume they would automatically be thinking mulberry…why they hit when the fly is being stripped is beyond me.  I should fish the fly dead…but takes can be so hard to detect on a carp coming towards you…carp in general for that matter, which is why i strip the fly, and it seems to help the fish find the source of the plop,  “if it aint broke don’t fix it”, so i continue to strip the fly.  Perhaps i will get to do some more fishing soon and test out some new patterns.  water is on the rise slightly and there was a good bit of debris on the water yesterday so who knows what i would find today or tomorrow if I did go.  And the water was getting so clear…now its mudded back up…fishing was still good though.  I had been using predominantly black flies with black UV ice dub which looks kind of purple and sparkly, got some new stuff today and the flies are way more purple.  Dubbing is a mix of black yarn and different purple dubbing, which give that deep purple of a mulberry with some extra zing.  Hope the fish like these, i can hardly wait to get out and test the no tail no weight flies and the deep berry fly.  I think the deep berry might be good for catfish.  I bet some of these berrys go all the way to the bottom or the creek…so far haven’t needed to go that deep because the fish are coming to me!   It would be nice to get the fly deep and see who’s down there.  Anyway without talking you to sleep here are the flies.  Maybe I will call them the Purple Penetraters , they look guilty as hell to me, bunch of Perps!

good flies for carp and catfish but also bluegill bass trout and more

Carp Grass Carp and Catfish flies

Carp Grass Carp and Catfish flies

Carp Grass Carp and Catfish flies

Carp Grass Carp and Catfish flies

fly for Carp Grass Carp Catfish bluegill etc

carp catfish fly

no weight no tail

carp catfish fly

Deep Berry

carp catfish bass trout bluegill flycarp catfish bass trout bluegill flycarp catfish bass trout bluegill flyAnd I couldn’t resist tying up a bunch more on top of these.  Added to the list is a no weight with tail, a size 4, a rabbit wing mini stabber, and some foam core no tail “berries”.  Looks like i will have to get up early and make the trip doesn’t it.  Oh the shame of going fishing yet again while good men and women work…What will become of me?!

carp catfish bass trout bluegill fly




slow sinking mulberry for carp and catfish

Foam core...not sure if it will float or not...hopfully it will just barely float like a real berry


Carp catfish fly

Mini Stabber


Catfish Grass Carp fly

Size 4

grass carp catfish flies

Guilty as hell!