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Creeping Muskrat Carp Fly Proven

The other day i hit up a flooded field adjacent to the Missouri River.  I tied on a Creeping Muskrat and scored big, landing both common and grass carp.  Despite the fact that grass carp seem to be water cows they will eat “live” prey, as i have proven time and time again.  Although it may be common knowledge that the best way to go after them is with a floating pellet  or mulberry fly, I will tell you they are easier to catch on subsurface flies stripped through the water like a living organism.  Often times the fly hitting the water will get the grass carps attention, you can tell by the swirl or boil the fish creates when he searches for the fly…cast again and again until the carp is able to find your fly…If you can see the fish, cast just ahead of and across the fish and strip once or twice and get ready to give line in a hurry.

Grass carp cuaght on a fly rod

Grass Carp


Carp Fly

Creeping Muskrat

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Missouri River Pollution “Welcome to Planet Earth”

Because of where i fish I see the worst of the worst water pollution.  After a good rain i often see images that most of the world never sees.  Have a look at whats headed down the creek and eventually out to sea.

Trash Raft Floating in St. Louis Missouri Creek

Stacked up in the creek headed into the big river and out to sea