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How Do You Catch Grass Carp

Grass Carp fly fishing

Its common knowledge that Grass Carp feed on vegetation, and that floating pellet/berry flies are best. In my experience I’ve found that small flies with bead chain eyes are best. Hits often come as I strip the fly through the water. So I’d like to know…how do you catch grass carp? And have you ever caught one while stripping your fly through the water. I’ve seen grassies bolt from a floating fly that was slightly twitched, as that’s unnatural for a piece of vegetation, yet they hit moving subsurface flies readily for me. Some have suggested that Grass Carp are strictly vegetarian and they are mistaking my fly for something else, my intuition tells me otherwise. I’f you’ve ever caught grass carp on a moving fly I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, let us know what you’ve caugh Grass Carp on what’s your favorite fly and how do you like to fish it.

Get Your Crayfish On!

Weather it Grass Carp or Common Carp, or any other species for that matter, a crayfish pattern may just be the ticket. Believe it or not, a small crayfish fly is one of my best producing grass carp patterns, where common knowledge is otherwise, I’m here to set the record straight. Grass Carp in my neck of the woods will readily take small brown and black flies with bead chain eyes that are stripped through the water. Try it and see.  Before I go, take note of the “claw” material.  If it looks pretty good now, wait till you get it in the water.  Squirrel tail makes absolutely fantastic little claws, i don’t really care for much else in a crayfish fly, simple and um um good!

Marabou Dragon Carp Fly


Carp fly flies onlin store

Marabou Dragon Carp Fly

With all the work I’ve put in on this site; tying carp patterns, editing code and photographing finished product, I want to put my best foot forward. I have to admit, the whole web development game has been a rough learn, but I’m starting to get the hang of it, starting! Im slowly learning how to craft and influence what goes out the door, and i will continue to learn the web game as time goes on, fisherman first, web developer seecond.  What I tie is the culmination of over 25 years of hardcore fishing experience. I happen to think that these are some great carp patterns and I’d like the world to be able to see and fish them.  Obviously the colors on some of these flies is  slightly unconventional, But have no fear! I will tie these up in any colors you want. I’ve purposely given you, the carp fisherman, the ability to design your own fly, because you know what you want and what works best for you! What you see at is only one of many possibilities. You have full choice over personalized color schemes, hook type, eye type, and don’t forget, the weedless option on nearly every Carp pattern. Did I mention the weedless option? I’m certain the majority of you are hesitant to fish weedless flies. Let me assert with great confidence that once you go weedless, you rarely go back. Weedless flies have made me a better fisherman, allowed me to go places and bring my fly back like never before. Allowed me to catch fish I would have never caught without a weedless fly. There’s not much i hate more than losing the one or two “hot” flies in my box that i have supreme confidence in, or a big fish because my fly got snagged where he’s grazing.  I Just want to throw that out there. Be skeptical, but get informed by trying out a couple flies of the weedless variety, you won’t be sorry.



The Carp Chronic

Carp Fly pattern for carp fly fishing, carp flies

The Carp Chronic Fly

The Carp Chronic is super powerful stuff.  One hit and most Carp are done!  Lots of life in the tail with  marabou, crystal flash, and rubber.   Wire wrapped body, estez dub, on stainless, and bead chain eyes to finish it off.  Careful! Fish get hooked on the  Chronic.