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Playin With My Worm

Having had a good response to a worm pattern today I started to tweak. Shorter tail, more prominent hook, chain eyes, and a hackle for some stand. I haven’t finalized the tie yet but I think I’m getting there. Heavily influenced by McTage at Fly-Carpin I hope to test this pattern within the next couple of weeks…we’ll see how that goes.


Carp fly worm flies pattern

Mr. Worm

Hopefully the red rib, the hackle, and the eyes give the fish something to aim for.  I really want this in a no weight configuration,  I have some work to do on that front.



March 25th Carpin

Carp on the fly rod flies for sale

The Blind Squirrel takes another


It was a beautiful overcast morning.  I arrived at the lake just before sun up.  As soon as I tied one on I could see a fish cruising the apron of the lake.  I shortly decided that weight was too much for these fish and tied on a blind Squirrel.  Several delicate presentations later… Fish on!  And then another.  I wanted to get some testing in so I tied on a Mexican Standoff.  I cast beyond a fish on the apron and brought the fly into view.  Hook up and bust off all at once.  When the fish takes and he’s pointed away from you, that’s a likely bust off scenario on lighter tippet as was the case.  I then tied on a worm pattern and had two takes but I couldn’t set the hook. Hmm, I’ve got some worm tweaking to do.



The Mexican Standoff

Mexican Standoff Carp fly

Carp tested and approved




Playin With My Balls

That’s right, I’ve been Playing with my balls…my Flexi Craw Balls that is.  At its simplest the FCB is a big wooly bugger , I was trying to find a way to split the marabou tail to better represent claws with little luck until a customer ordered some up and I worked my way into a better tie.  These little craws have lost most of their balls but they’ll still have offspring.


Carp fly flies for sale

Flexi Craw Balls


Carp fly pattern for sale

Damsel Green


Carp flies



Tan Carp flies

Tan Yellow


Carp fly patterns


Carp ont the fly flies

Damsel green