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Hard Work Pays Off


Big Bass Caught on a Fly

By far the largest Largemouth Bass I have ever taken.  The size of this thing was Shocking.  This fish took a weedless size 2 “Hammer Head” double rabbit strip craw/frog.    The big hammer head flies have been proving quite productive on the larger predatory species in the area, taking Bass, Carp, Catfish, and Drum.


catfish caught while fly fishing at night

This Catfish took a size 2 weedless hammer head rough dub craw around 10pm.  Catfish fight hard!


I ran into a some drum in the upper creek.  They were happy to take a size four hammer head Sculpin


Bass Catfish and Carp flies

The Hammer Heads

The Hammer Head style gets the job done.  Not only do you get big wide heads, and a super stable fly fly but you get a little bit of rattle from these flies as well.


Hammer Head Crayfish and Others

Having been tasked to produce a few patterns for the great lakes region I’ve stumbled upon some big patterns that I must admit I’m becoming quite fond of.  Meet the Hammer Head Craw.

big crayfish fly

Hammer Head Craw


Testing went well on these flies and they will produce on Bass, Catfish, and I hope…great lakes carp! Next thing you know I’m going to be building a 10weight just to cast these buggers.


Catfish on a big crayfish fly



Also of note this morning was a small pink estez bodied fly with a purple wing taking down two commons and a blind quirrel getting busy with a grass carp.



Great Lakes Hammer Head Gobies

great lake goby fly sculpin fly

Hammer Head Goby




So far in early testing the fly proves semi difficult to cast with an 8weight rod but all in all the fly looks good in the water has some minor stability issues but takes fish.  I hooked into my first catfish of 2012 this evening on one of these.  The catfish was the hardest fight I’ve had yet this season…this thing was a beast…no pic as the fly pulled out right when I beached it, but fish landed in my book.  Somewhere in the 24-28 inch range.  The bass also enjoyed this fly often taking it deep in the mouth.




Old Trusty Goes to Town

The Ruff Dub Craw is a tried and true carp killer that few fish will pass up.  When it comes to Carp flies, this is one of the best.

Carp fly

Some of his latest victims

Carp with a carp fly in his mouth

Carp caugh on a ruff dub Crayfish

And the one I wish I had gotten a better photo of…