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Latest Research and Development: May 20th, 2012

The fishing today got me thinking about how to make a fly with undersized eyes ride hook point up without adding much more weight.   The trick for me was to add about 1 cm of .025 lead free wrap on the back of the fly close to the bend, or tail of the fly, and make sure the “lead” is under the hook with the eyes while the body material is mostly above the eyes.  I also came up with some “new” squirrel clouser craws featuring some sick bristly dubing, and translucent underwings/tails.  I almost forgot the squirrel bugger, there’s a simple winner if I’ve ever seen one!

carp flies



A Lesson Learned?



catfish on a fly


Legend has it that small yellow flies take fish in these parts.  Its one thing I’ve never fished before, but after watching grass carp biting my light colored  line one morning, I decieded to tie up a few small yellow/green  flies and did quite well with them over the last two days.  This morning I got on the water around 5:30am and I was rewarded with some nice fish.  The little yellow fly took a big catfish to start, then a number of common carp, a grass carp, and a couple of decent Bass.  The fly was tied on size 8 with undersized bead chain eyes (size M), it didn’t ride point up but worked quite well, even better than flies with larger eyes.  I also used a 12 ft leader which seems to help with the spooky fish.    I will certainly be tying and fishing this pattern more in the future.



In Search of the Berry Munchers


The last few weeks have produced some nice catfish and bass despite the beavers attempts to thwart me.  I had always thought you found beavers in places like Colorado and Minnesota but there is good population here in Missouri.  When I go out night fishing the beavers  are really active.  They tend to swim into the water I am yet to fish and slap their tails.  They obviously don’t like me.  Even with all the noise I still manage a fish or two.






Yesterday I got the Kayak out on the Creek for the first time this year.  I had heard rumors of Mulberries falling and even saw some evidence myself.  Despite low water conditions I had to see what was going on in the lower end of the creek.

It felt really good to get on the water again.



I fished a little on the way down but I was there to check the Mulberry trees so I worked my way quickly down to the trees.


I passed several trees that were either not dropping or the water wasn’t high enough for the berries to hit the water.  I made my way to the last and best tree on the creek.  I pulled up not seeing the action I had come for.  I dropped anchor and took another look.  Sure enough there was  a Grass Carp right in the spot I would expect.   ” Yes! ” I thought to myself.   I tied on a size 8 Black ops and it didn’t take long before I landed 6 or 7 catfish and a Grass Carp.  Not the numbers I would have liked on the carp under a berry tree  but the cruising cloppers on the way back up the creek made up for the slow carp fishing.  All in all the little Black Ops landed 1 common, 6 or so grass carp and 6-7 Catfish, not bad for a day of fishing.  Even though I’ve done this many times in the past its still an amazing experience.


a Carp fly for grass and common carp