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July and August: Fly Fishing the Missouri River

Lower Missouri River Drought of 2012

Carp cuaght on a fly in missouri


Conditions have conspired to keep me from posting for some time now.   I had intended to follow up the last post with a video compilation focusing on my techniques for grass carp, or maybe just me catching grass carp.  Long story short…I couldn’t upload the compilation for some reason and had already erased most of the good individual video’s  I wanted to include.  This, coupled with the seriously crippling heat wave,  difficulty accessing some of my favorite water,  followed by the summer Olympics has led me into a sort of blogging malaise.    On the bright side I do have some footage I can post shortly (A, B, C, Gar) and I have been able to get out occasionally and catch some fish.  The Missouri river has been low all year and is incredibly beautiful.  Grass Carp are the staple fish in the big river but Commons, Drum, Bass, Catfish, and Bluegill  are often found in feeder creeks.  I like to use small crayfish or small black nymphs for most of my fishing, but have also found damsel green backstabbers to be a good alternative.