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Couple of Spring Catfish

Its been slow…but here’s a couple of cats.

Grass Carpin in the Creek HD


Fish on 2013: Missouri River Wild Grass Carp on the Fly

I visited “the spot” a couple days ago, seeing several large Grass Carp in the mid to upper creek, which is much deeper than the lower creek in times of low water.  After getting skunked on the Musky front I headed over to the creek for a little look see.  “Up or down the creek?”, I wonder.   Water has been so low that I wondered if they were stacking up below some of the downstream riffles, waiting for higher water while they enjoy the warmer temps of the small creek.  Bingo! about 1/2 mile downstream I found at least 1 or 2 large herds of GC.  I chased them down the creek and back up taking 6 fish, mostly on a black ops variant with sparkle tail. Silver and black on size 8 and you can’t go wrong. I fish a lot of black in sizes 4-8 in the general shape of  wooly buggers and black ops.  Size 4 is great for giant GC, commons, catfish, and hybrid bass, along with drum etc.  So when your not seeing GC you can throw the same flies or a little larger and slaughter everything else in town, and should that GC show himself …no need to change flies.

a grass carp in the water hooked on a fly

The first fish of 2013! Thank you Mr or Ms GC


Grass Carp Caught with a small black fly called the black ops


One of my best grass carp flies

Black ops sparkle tail, a new them on an old fly...does the trick



a hooked grass carp swims near a milk jug pollution

The pollution makes for a great size guage in this situation.



carp and warm water fly

For general warm water fly fishing and Carp...this is a great fly (the species list on flies almost identical to this are very near 100 diff species, for real)

Perfection Loop to Fly Knot

Back in the day I told myself that one of my claims to fame was going to be….drum roll please, using a perfection loop to tie on my fly.  If youtube views and comments are any indicator, I’ve made quite an impression with my idea.   Now, I know, I know…45,000 views isn’t that many..but it blows all my other stuff out of the water!  I’d have never guessed this video would rack up the hits.

The pro con on this knot In my view is all pro.  Some will tell you its weaker than the no slip mono loop, I say “whatever”.  The knot is smaller, quicker, easier, and won’t slip on mono or fluoro or wire for that matter, something the no slip mono can not do.  And, I use that knot exclusively for everything, except in the rare case I need to nail knot to my fly line.  One knot does it all, plus chances are its already the knot you use to add tippet to your leader, why do yo need more strength at the fly than you have in the leader chain?

Those are my views, but I’m open to others.

On a side note I hit lake 35 at Busch this am.  Saw a big musky come up on the surface…exciting shit.

Here’s what all the fuss is about