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New Materials = New Flies

Mallard and Turkey Flat stabbers with legs….So far so good.  I fished one of these this am, I might have had one bite :) lol…Lots of grass carp up shallow doin their thing, but not aggressively seeking anything.   It was good to get out.  Give it 2 weeks and fish will be on the bite.  Warmer weather and rain should move things on their way.


prototype carp fly crayfish

The original Turkey Flat x Mallard with legs


Carp fly pattern crayfish with legs


carp fly with legs




Carp fly extra eyes rattle

Junk in the trunk Version



Dragons Off the Vice…

Couple of Rabbit Tail Dragons headed to my high school buddy in Montana… He fishes  more than anyone I personally know, besides myself of course.  Looking forward to getting the report back!


carp fly patterns



carp fly pattern dragon



carp fly pattern





carp fly pattern on the fly



carp fly



carp fly pattern burnt orange



carp fly image



carp fly image black and green



carp on the fly flies


The Roughest Longest Dub on the Planet

Well, maybe I exaggerate, maybe I don’t.   I recently received a request for 5 different colors of rough dub; Rust Brown, Olive Brown, Bright Orange, Black, and White.  I followed a rough ratio of materials and happened upon these 5 beautiful shades, which each have their recipes recorded  for repeating future blends.  As always, if interested in dubbing, contact me for a quote.

Here’s what I came up with…


custom rough fly dubbing  big fly dubbing

Missouriflies Custom Rough Dubbing (Rusty Brown)



All 5 colors layed out



fly dubbing big fly custom dub





carp fly with custom dubbing by

Big difference without the flash!


fly dubbing black custom rough long



carp fly with custom rough fly dubbing












fly tying dubbing for big flies orange

















The Blind Squirrel Meets Color and Regains Some of His Sight

carp fly pattern flies for sale

The Sighted leading the Blind

A little color really spices things up!

delicate carp fly

Small eyes are the ticket to getting a decent head on this fly…otherwise its hit and miss as you see below