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Some Big Bass and a Very Very Rare Catch!

In order

nice bass


Big Bass fly fishig with hammerhead sculpin fly




#2  Spot the Crappie….


Yes that's a tail coming out of his throat.



big bass on a hammerhead weedless warm water fly for all species


That point in his belly is probably the Crappie's head






Both of these fish took a size 2 weedless dark olive hammerhead Sculpin…

hammerhead sculpin warm water fly

Junk in the Trunk Hammerhead sculpin with turkey flat pecs


And now for the Real Surprise…

trout caught in a st. louis, mo creek on weedless wooly bugger fly

My mind is blown...This fella must have an interesting story to tell

This is a warm water creek…so I can’t image the journey this fish has been on…I think his days are numbered.

Totally Awesome.  This fish took a size 6 weedless woolly bugger with beadchain eyes.  A new sure winner that I am now offering, but you will have to contact me to get them…weedless flies will let you do things you’d never try with your normal flies, talk about a confidence booster when your banging structure or sinking the fly deep next to a beaver damn…the difference between losing 4 flies in a day vs none…I chose none.

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