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2013 Grass Carp and Freshwater Drum Footage From the Master :)

I thought the Gopro would make shooting easier and it does, but getting edited product to youtube has been a night mare.  So while I work out the bugs, here’s a little footage to help you understand lower Missouri, and middle Mississippi river drainage prospects, and how to make the most of what you got.  The two flies in these videos are the “Black Ops” for the grass carp and weedless “Hammerhead Sculpins”, mostly in dark olive, for the drum.  Hopefully these videos give a little more insight into whats in your Midwestern back yard, and what It takes to catch these fish… I will be back soon with a follow up on my favorite fly of 2013….the weedless Hammerhead Sculpin.  A great choice for any big fish…from great lakes carp, to large and small mouth bass, to freshwater drum, trout, and even catfish.


and one more blast from the past…. Big shout out to my friend Geoff for reminding me the berries had been dropping for 3 weeks, and that I might want to go check the spot…I only got 1 day of a couple berries falling while I fished….the very last day of the drop! and that’s after no berries the year before due to low water.  Thanks buddy, I owe you one!

12 Pack Carp and More Assortment Hits the Shelves…

Visit Tight Lined Tales of a fly starting soon (8/11) for “Carp Week” and a chance to win a Free 12 piece “Carp and More” pack!


carp flies that catch everything on saltwater hooks


Carp fly assortment

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These are my top 12 Midwestern carp flies, which just happen to be the best flies for everything else around here, and many other parts of the country too. Classic themes, like the wooly bugger and the backstabber, along with my personal top producing patterns filling out the selection. 1/3 of the flies are weedless. To the skeptics all I can say is try it and see. I personally never leave the house without weedless flies! you shouldn’t either…
The pack is tied on size 6 saltwater hooks, and Includes; 2 Hookup Buggers, 2 Missouri Buggers, 2 rough dub crayfish, 2 Rabbit Tail Dragons, 2 Special Op’s, and 2 Creek Stabbers, covering your Midwestern Common Carp, Grass Carp, Bluegill, Bass, Catfish, Freshwater Drum, trout and more!

Carp fly selection and more 2013