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Missouri Takes a Stand

Greetings from the “Show Me State”! Let’s start this post by saying that if you follow me or have followed me in the past, I apologize for a very disappointing blogging year regarding “Carp on the fly” and “warm-water fly fishing”. Life Happens. As for offering flies, I am always happy to tie up orders, and despite hardly blogging at all this year, business has been pretty darn good. To all my customers and friends in the Industry I want to say thank you for your support! Big shout out to, Evan Muskopf, Ted and the gang, T. Hargroves, and Dan Frasier. I couldn’t have don’t it without you!
Moving forward, those of you who know me personally probably already know I’m fairly outspoken on social media, and I’m always happy to have new friends on facebook. You can find me at Christopher Michael Vargo or (on Fb). Now, knowing that blending fly fishing with Current world events, politics, social activism, etcetera has probably never been done before, and that trying this might be a really bad idea….I Fucking Refuse to be Silent. So from now on I will be sharing some of the reality I am looking at on a day to day basis. I fully expect that most of you don’t venture into the nether-worlds of reality lying just beneath the surface…What most of you are looking at is only the tip of a very massive iceberg of secrecy and deceit, I hope to expose you to what lies hidden just beneath the surface of our all too often petty little lives (myself included). If you Call yourself an American, or just a Global Citizen….you might want to check this out. Love and Peace, eyes wide open… and no I haven’t been hacked.