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And the Fly Shop is Re-Opened

Its been at least a year since I filled an order, and there’s still work to be done, some new images are needed and some flies need to be added, but for the time being, if you need flies..I’m open for business once again! Inventory and Selection has been reduced so that i can focus on what I do best; specialty/custom dubbing blends on my core group of flies that I fish day in and day out. When you buy my flies you can rest assured that your fishing with the very same patterns I am. All tested and proven to the max. If you’ve not seen it yet, here’s a little something to light your fire.



Weather you tie or not don’t forget to go out and get the

The Orvis Beginner’s Guide to Carp Flies: 101 Patterns & How and When to Use Them

by Dan Frasier

and the

The Best Carp Flies: How to Tie and Fish Them

by Jay Zimmerman

you’ll find some of my best patterns with tying recipes and some notes on how and when to fish them, along with many other patterns by the top tiers in the sport.