The Black Ops fly is a go getter.  Fish this fly in virtually any situation a come up big.  Mulberry trees, cruising carp, clopping carp, tailing carp, grass carp, catfish, bluegill, trout, you name it you can catch it with this fly.  Simple, effective! This is my Exclusive Mulberry fly, and my exclusive Grass carp fly. under the mulberry trees it takes catfish and both species of carp...and can be used with lead and or bead chain. For Grass carp use a size 6 or 8 with bead chain eyes. Common carp you could go either way and for fun at the bluegill pond, 6 or 8 in bead chain is perfect. I like snag proof/weedless on lead eyed flies, casting into cover or when i'm going deep for drum.... I almost never ever lose a bite because of it, and save a tun of flies. This is a pattern I really like on a Gama Sl45 bonefish hook in black... and remember the two types of hook run slightly off with the sl45 being just smaller than the #930's. a siz4 or 6 on an sl45 in black color is about perfect size for mulberry work, smaller for sight casting to GC, larger for majority catfish work and deeper water.

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