The Special Ops is a superior fly that will consistently take all manner of fish from grass and common carp to catfish, bass, bluegill, trout and more.  Tied on a  Mustad S80-3906 3x heavy/standard length hook (no longer offered)this is a heavy duty fly, however, you may also want to consider the stainless version tied on a standard saltwater Dai-Riki #930, or for the largest fish and the most demanding circumstances I recommend the Gamakatsu Sl45 Bone Fish hook(a truly superior hook).   Your choice of hooks for sizes 4-8, smaller flies, sizes 10 and 12,  are only available on standard Mustad S80-3906 hooks. This fly represents virtually everything a fish could want to eat, from tadpoles to nymphs, leeches, and of course small bait fish.  80% of what you see on this site was caught on this fly(Mainly Grass Carp, Catfish, and Bluegill).  It's tail is a semi-stiff feather fiber which resists fouling, body is formed with a custom sparkle dubbing blend, and the eye is bead chain.  This fly is a winner! I routinely hook carp on this pattern that can bend the 3906 and the 930 hooks out, consider yourself warned. If your looking for big fish close to snags... go with the SL45 Bone Fish hook for the extra 15 cents.  There's nothing worse than having the best fish of the day bend off.  My favorite carp sizes are 6 and 8. For bluegill and trout try sizes 8-12.  If you have any special requests please click on the product title to go to the individual product page where you can leave a message with your order.  For more images of the Special Ops from the fly catalogs gallery click here (not working).  My favorite colors are Black, Brown,  and Light Brown but feel free to experiment.

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