2015…. Here we go!

I can feel the excitement in the air.

freshwater drum

First fish of 2015! A healthy Freshwater Drum

and more drum…

Freshwater drum fly fishing

Drum on the fly


catfish, channel catfish

Oh yeah.. on the weedless wooly fished deep just as the rain started for real

Day 2 was a windy cold bummer, but did yield several fish… This was my favorite of the day


catfish on the fly

An Olive Hammerhead Sculpin drew an immediate big hit in shallow water by this Channel Catfish on the muddy windblown side of the lake.


2014 saw me employed full time with the old carpentry crew, and when I’m working its really all I have energy for.  The fly shop section of Missouriflies got shut down, and I quit posting…. Depressing I know. Long story short, I’m not done with Missouriflies, or fishing just yet.   As many of you already know Dan Frasier’s new book “The Orvis Beginner’s Guide to Carp Flies: 101 Patterns & How and When to Use Them” featuring many of my flies and flies from other top carp fisherman is out! get your copy here! I know Dan put in a lot of hard work and has something to be really proud of.  Surprisingly enough, despite my almost complete abandonment of my blog and fly shop for nearly a full year…. Missouriflies.com facebooks likes are starting to rack up pretty darn fast and I have a sneaking suspicion Dan’s book has a lot to do with that! so don’t hesitate, the book has good reviews, and flies from the best guys in the carp world.

Don’t let me forget another Carp fly book by one of the biggest names in fly fishing, Jay Zimmerman’s “The Best Carp Flies”.  get your copy here! Jays been at the fishing game a lil while…  both books are a valuable resource for anyone looking to get into carp on the fly, and even the full fledged pro.  I highly recommend both.

I got out the other day for the first fishing of the year and it wasn’t bad. I hit my favorite creek and went upstream the first day… fish were definitely stacking up high in the creek.  I took the most fish from the the uppermost pool i can access, where there’s an abrupt rocky riffle, often serving as a fish barrier.  I used weedless bead/lead eyed wooly buggers dragged on bottom with a 15ft sink tip (fast sinking).  If you can’t feel the fly on bottom… your not in the zone. Freshwater drum have acute hearing/vibration sensitivity, so actually touching bottom is a virtual must.  I don’t even bother with this style of fishing without weedless flies… in which case i will lose only 2 or 3 flies if Im lucky, vs the 5-10 I would lose without it.  I even ran into a couple channel catfish.  Two were taken while bottom bouncing for drum, and one i got the following day over at the lake, using a big hammerhead sculpin in Olive… my favorite.  That fish was on the downwind side of the lake about 15 ft from shore in the shollow turned up muddy water, and hit like a tun of bricks.  I really really like catfish…they are just too hard to find in any numbers consistently, though hitting a connected oxbow lake May into June would be a really good bet. cast to shoreline structure with a size 4 white/silver/ and or yellow rabbit strip zonker with lead eyes and you should get into plenty. I like to strip immediately and as fast as i can. hits come fast…hardly ever past strip #4 or 5.  There were also plenty of Grass carp roaming and a couple of Commons, but i largely didn’t care… i guess i know when to throw at them and when not to… its still too early, or they just weren’t feeling it…sometimes you just know, and when the drum are feeding…. i just go with the drum because they are the earliest arrivals and the most consistent bite of the the fish in the area.  Next comes the hybrid bass and everything else… culminating with the the Mulberry drop. The Most epic fishing of the year…

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  1. FishnDave says:

    Glad you are back fishing AND posting! Love your articles and pictures! :)

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