Carp Flies From Left Field

I had this hair brained idea to crazy dub a fly with flexi floss. My first attempt was the sparsest and probably the most viable fly. It wasn’t quite was I was after so I continued on with a rubber version, much denser, and then a final try. The way I did them, they were definitely labor intensive. I think I can get similar results with a deer hair/wool sculpin type approach on any and all of the flies below.

Carp fly pattern

Crazy Bone

Carp fly pattern flies


Carp fly pattern

#3 Not bad...

After these 3 I moved on to dubbing with multiple yarn pieces instead of flexi floss and came out with the Koi Craw…which led to the Carp Cousin. Everybody got done with a dubbing loop…there’s got to be a better way!

Carp fly experiment

Koi Craw

carp fly

The Cousin

So much for simple flies.


5 Responses to 'Carp Flies From Left Field'

  1. John Madert says:

    Fling ‘em and see what happens. I do know this: Great things are usually created by those who think/work outside-the-box.

    • Hi John, Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I threw #3 yesterday but didn’t get a take from the one fish I threw it to, it was a really slow day with spooky fish. All in all I like the fly, it had good action and looked good as well, maybe needs some trimming… I think it’s a winner, but time will tell.

  2. Gregg Martin says:

    I split flexi floss for trout flies, that would be a thing to do if you already have not, also something I’ve been thinking off for a carp fly.


  3. Zach Janssen says:

    I see you took my advice ;)

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