Carp Flies: The latest Research and Development

With the backing of both grass and common carp the HHB has led to some new developments.  If you tie or if you don’t I think these flies are worthy of a little attention.  Its been a while since I was really excited about a new style of fly and the  urge to tie more and more of them has taken hold.  I love these new flies!

two carp flies

Hackled Headstanding Backstabbers...Approved!


The fish at the lake have been a bit on the spooky side.  Typically they have me spoted from 70 ft away.  Every once in a while I’m able to get a cast at one that doesn’t see me coming, but the fish are spooky enough that I’ve had to go to a 13 ft leader and the plop of bead chain is sometimes just a little more than the fish are willing to accept.  Enter “The Blind Squirrel”

The Blind Squirrel Carp Fly

Carp flies the blind squirrel

Two Blind Squirrels

The Blind Squirrels Belly


Between the HHB (Hackled Headstanding Backstabber) and the Blind Squirrel there are endless viable opportunities to “carpitalize”; longer wing, shorter wing, no wing?,  marabou,  rabbit,  squirrel, bucktail, feathers, eyes, no eyes, deep, shallow, common carp , grass carp, trout, bass, bluegill and on and on these flies will do it all and always keep a hook point up ride with or without weight.  For those of you who tie… these are simple and ultra tweakable.  I haven’t even fished the Blind Squirrel and its already a new favorite.  I have no doubt’s about this fly…if only I could get some time on the water!


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