Dubbing for Sale at Missouriflies.com

Missouriflies.com has officially moved into the dubbing market. Catering to those who don’t want to pay a ton for good dubbing. 1/2 Sandwich bags starting at $6.00 full Sandwich bags at $10.00, 2 bags at $17.00, and 8 bags for $60
This post will serve as both notice and resource to prospective buyers wanting to view product. Click here to enter the Dubbing Store.

Base Dubbing:

Available in multiple colors



Lots of Dubbing Cheap

$10 Bag of Dubbing Next to $2.50 store bag



Dubbing for sale fly tying materials

Base Dubbing Color Options

The base material for nearly all my dubbing needs, great stand alone duibbing, or filler/binder for more complex mixes.  Soft to the touch 100% acrylic


Sparkle Dubbing:

You get the same packed bag of dubbing seen above

Sparkle Dubbing for Sale

Sparkle options

Sparkle Dubbing for Sale

Dark Brown Sparkle Dubbing

A course, translucent, sparkle material, great for adding body, highlight, sparkle and translucent  qualities to a fly.



Dubbing Store Page




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