Extended Body Crayfish

Not that my standard Carp Crayfish is lacking, but when looking at images of crayfish on google i was noticing that the head of the crayfish extends beyond the exit of the claws by quite a bit, and after my post on the extended body Caddis pupa it would only be fitting to extend the body on a crayfish, right?




So here’s what I came up with spur of the moment.  I can already think of several adjustment/additions that could be made, namely eyes and antennae.  The eyes could be a bit of a job, but probably not for you resourceful chaps.  For the antennae some 6-8lb geen mono might be perfect,crystal flash of course, or some stripped feather shafts.  When tying juvenile crayfish, I think we all get a little carried away with the claws, and as for legs…too much bother for me right now.  Anyhow, this is what I came up with.


Carp fly Crayfish






















Carp fly























carp fly























Far from perfect, but for anyone who likes to play around the extended body may be one avenue to pursue.

All I did was tie in a 4-5 inch piece of mono off the back….made a dubbing loop and dubbed down and back the section I wanted…then claws were added and the body was dubbed.



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