Flexi Dad Carp Fly

I sat down last night to shoot a couple of videos.  As hard as it may be to believe, I used flexi floss for the first time ever.  Despite having wanted to pick it up numerous times in the past, it’s just evaded me.  To my surprise its rubber.  All these years I thought it was floss!  So here’s to discovering new materials and new flies.  The “Flexi Dad” should be a winner.   I actually have a video of this one up on youtube, but its too long and I left my fan running for the whole thing which makes it that much worse.  I will try and get a better video up shortly.  For now the pics will have to do. Oh yeah, I like this one! Weed guards on good flies = fish.


Carp Fly

Oh what the heck!


One more flexi floss first, the “Flexi Dragon”


Carp fly with flexi floss and weed guard



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  1. Gregg Martin says:

    Right, I use flexi-floss, span flex, etc. very much. Strong stuff! I also split it like floss for smaller flies, this stuff rocks!


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