From the Carp Fly Bench, The Silly Willy

I wanted to create a Carp fly that is new and distinctive but I don’t think I’ve quite accomplished that here.  This fly reminds me too much of the Marabou Dragon, the main twist being the rubber in the collar.  I wanted a fat fly and I think that worked just fine.  The body was a mix of 4 types of sparkle yarn and 4 types of  normal yarn, more than my typical blend.  All in all this fly should fish, its just not quite what i was looking for.


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Silly Will Carp Fly Pattern


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2 Responses to 'From the Carp Fly Bench, The Silly Willy'

  1. Allen says:

    That fly looks fine, and is “fat”.
    Perhaps using a brighter tail to go along with it?

    Perhaps coming up with a line of “crappie” flies?

    • Hi Allen, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think your right, a brighter tail wouldn’t hurt at all, I’ve got some “gold” rabbit that would work just fine. And funny you should mention the crappie flies, I’ve been having the same thought for a while now, If i could just debug the admin to my products page…I could get crackin on that! argh, running your own site can be a real bear sometimes…

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