Getting Ready for 2012, Carp, Catfish, Hybrids, and Drum

Carp flies fly Patterns
Deep Black Weedless

I like to be prepared for anything and I’ve got a couple of bases to cover for the coming years action.  Today, dark and heavy patterns ruled my thoughts.  In St. Louis, MO, off colored or murky is typically a severe understatement when describing the water.  Often times  scaring the fish with your cast is not the problem, getting its attention is.  Not only do I think about Carp and Grass Carp but Drum, Hybrids, and Catfish as well.   In the name of visibility in muddy water and getting the fly down now, I did up some lead eye flies in black.  If I don’t use them on Carp I know they will produce on drum.  In the spring…before anything else shows up, the drum are there deep beneath the murky surface.  I’d have never known it if I hadn’t been blind fishing for carp one spring day.  With zero visibility, and no Carp in sight except for the occasional jumper I tied on a heavy lead eye nymph, cast it out and let it sink taking my line down a good 2-3ft beneath the surface.  Giving the fly a tug I could feel bottom.  Slowly, ever so slowly I retrieved my fly across the bottom trying to maintain bottom contact as much as possible searching for the 1/1000 or more odds of hooking up with a Carp blind.  Inch by inch slowly dragging my fly across the bottom of a Missouri River Creek.  Not more than a few casts into this process i got a hit.  Just a tap I could see at the end of my line, I set the hook and towed in my first ever drum.  Many fish followed the first, and I was on to something.  Both the rough dub crayfish and my weed guard tying skills came out of this “exercise in futility”.  Not to mention my biggest Largemouth ever.  This style of fishing only works for me when the fly is literally on the bottom making contact with everything in its path and tends to produce more in the spring than any other time.  I think it’s always good to make contact with rocks and branches.  Many times after feeling the fly hit a rock or branch I instinctively know a hit is coming and it often does.   It can be a little intimidating to throw your precious flies out and then drag them across the bottom of muddy  snag infested waters, but sometimes its the way to go.   Weather its the fly hitting the water or touching bottom, a lot of warm water fish key in on those sounds…ever heard a bead chain fly’s eyes whistle through the air…its got to make a noise/vibration when water rushes past them too.  And the mono weedguards I use?  What do you want to bet they make a sound when pulled though the water too?  This post should be called “Good Vibrations” . On to the flies…


Carp flies fly pattern



Carp fly patterns

Gold and heavy




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