Great Lakes Carp Flies

I tend to fish smaller flies to carp, but have recently added some larger types to the collection.  These flies are tied specifically for big fish in big water.  A lot of the inspiration here comes from the Indigo Guide Service Carp flies, and my own experience with large Hybrid Bass, Freshwater Drum, and Catfish.  Weather you fish for Carp, Bass, Trout, Pike, or Saltwater species these flies have a place in everyone’s box, assuming you have the rod to cast them.   It’s quite doubtful I will be casting these to Carp anytime soon, but I might give them away/loan them out to some of the locals headed to the great lakes this summer, or of course fish them in my favorite waters for Hybrids, Drum, and Cats.

Big Carp fly for great lakes or other big water

Legged Tallywag Fly a Favorite Hybrid Bass and Drum fly

Big Carp Fly Pattern flies

Major Dad a new crayfish pattern with two of my favorite materials well 3 no 4....


Carp fly based on the hammer head

Based on the Hammer Head


Carp fly

Based on Morlock's Beast Bait (flexi floss legs addition by me)


Carp fly depth charge

Based on the Martinez Depth Charge


Carp bass trout pike fly

Another big one


Carp fly pattern flies

Based on the Beast Bait by Kevin Morlock

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  1. Kev says:

    Nice flies, what size hooks are those on?

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