How to tie a Weed Guard Explained

For those of you who tie and those who want to learn, here’s a short video on how to tie a weed guard.  This is something that I never really seemed to need until the last several years.  I tie it on all my favorite patterns, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose my best patterns, or feel like I can’t throw them to that fish over there because he’s nose first in a bunch of grass and brush, in a tree, or right under a bush, or down deep over a boulder pile or snag ridden bottom.  When fished with fines these flies will go places and come back you’d have never imagined.  I really learned to do this a few years back when I discovered Freshwater Drum would hit things exclusively dragged slowly on bottom.  After a few -5 (negative 5) fly days I started to catch on.  It ends up being about 13 wraps, one throw, and whip finish…pretty easy and they almost always come out “perfect”…

Now I know there are some guys out there who just don’t need this, but how many of you have found it just impossible to get a good presentation because you kept snagging on shit, both in the water and perhaps behind and overhead?  I was fishing a lake last year…around the bank was a mesh landscaping net which extended into the shallows because the water was so high.  Not only that but this place had no back cast room  and branches and twigs everywhere, and wind at 20mph.  Wouldn’t you know it, the carp were in the sticks, shallow, just over the netting.  I’d have flat out just left if it weren’t for my friend…the weedless rough dub craw, who went 3 for 3 on some spooky shallow water carp.

Now days when faced with an obsticle…I go staight at it no fear, and seldom lose a fly.  It does wonders for your confidence and your peace of mind.  There’s nothing better than fishing all day with your favorite fly and still having it the next time out, and the time after that etc etc.


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  1. FishnDave says:

    I like it! I’m definitely going to have to tie up a few patterns with weedguards. Thanks for posting the video!

  2. Gregg Martin says:

    Wow, pretty neat! Well explained but excuse the questions. I do drag a fly over the bottom in local ponds with a full sink line, with no sign of carp what so ever except their splashing. It works. But I lose flies even in what I consider “clean” ponds. Especially this time of year I do this before algae build up.. What brand of mono do you use, I have 12lb. Maxima. I use a water based tying cement from Loon that dries in 24 hours, would that be acceptable? And, thanks for the video.


    • Hi Gregg,I use Mason Hard mono, which I think is the weed guard standard. I have used generic mono in the past and it works just fine, but the mason hard seems to be the best. 12 lb should work ok…its a bit of trial and error and if its too flexible sometimes you can stand it more straight up to help out a bit. They sell the Mason hard mono at my local FeatherCraft for about 2.50 and it lasts me good while. And the loon should by fine any cement should do I would think. I’ve used super glue in the past and use Sally hansen Hard as Nails now.

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