Late Winter Carp Recon

I headed out late this morning in hopes that the water would be around 60F.  I walked 1/2 the lake without seeing much of anything then I poped out my pocket themometer and found the temp to be just north of 50F.  Then I headed over to “My Creek”  and did some more walking.  It ended up being about 3hrs walking 5min fishing.  I did get the Flexi Craw Ball/Flexi Dad wet and it did look good, something positive to take home with me, aside from being out and about in the urban wild.

Once around, no fish to be seen anywhere.

















I followed the creek from behind that building on the horizon

















2 Responses to 'Late Winter Carp Recon'

  1. Nate Taylor says:

    Sounds like my last few trips out…another few weeks and I’m guessing we might turn the corner.

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