Major Dad for the Beaver Island Carp Trip?

I’ve been checking out some of the Carp patterns used by Indigo Guide Services lately.  Some of the guys down at the local fly shop are taking a Carp trip to beaver Island in early June and it’s inspired me to do some larger flies for the Great Lakes.  If your interested in the trip I think there are still a couple spots open.  If you follow my blog you know I love a good crayfish pattern, so I’ve tied one up that I’m fairly proud of.  I think this is one of the better Large crayfish patterns around.  This fly could be taken the whole nine yards with legs and antennae but I like to keep it simple most of the time.

Introducing the “Major Dad” A.K.A “CLAWS”

Carp Fly Great Lakes


Carp fly Large

I highly doubt I will be throwing this to carp much, but I’ve had some luck with size fly for Hybrid Bass, Freshwater Drum, and even Catfish. There’s a lake not far away that holds some monster Carp.  Problem is you can’t see jack.  A larger pattern like this might create enough commotion to be productive in cloudy water with 0 visibility.  This might also produce along the rip rap banks blow Mississippi River Dams and along Missouri River wing dykes, oxbows, and even creeks.


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