March 27th Carp Report

fly fishing for carp

My first late afternoon excursion ended with me covered in Grass Carp slime.   Once again the Blind Squirrel put the hurt on the fish, the official count was one Common and two Grass Carp.  One of which went full airborne just after hook up.  It literally  reminded me of a whale jumping and body slaming back down, good stuff!


grass carp caught on a fly rod

One man personal photography is a tricky subject when holding a thrashing gassie.  I still haven’t mastered the technique.  I saw this fish come to the surface so I chucked my squirrel at him.  He followed in interest and disappeared into the murk.  I continued with a stripping technique I call the craw strip.  Basically its one full lenth strip (? 1.5-2ft long) at a moderate pace but done with 3-4 stutters.  Verbally it sounds like dunt dunt dunt dunt, to me anyway.  Sometimes the fish will follow out of view  for a ways and then take.  Thats what happened with this fish.




The moral of this report is that grass carp like Blind Squirrels too…seems to be a theme lately, the Blind Squirrel that is.


3 Responses to 'March 27th Carp Report'

  1. Gregg Martin says:

    Very nice! Still have yet to catch a grass carp fair and square, one looked up at an indicator with a SJW under and settling down I’m sure he breathed it in. Another was hooked in the outside of the mouth with a another SJW in a mud made of bullheads, he could have been fouled. One I don’t know of, again in mud, took off and grey hounded 3X, then pulled free. And lastly, one DID take a bright damsel tie but my net barely reached the water, the hook straightened out. That blind squirrel is killing ‘em, great!


  2. John Madert says:

    The Blind Squirrel is certainly earning it’s stripes.

    I am not too surprised.

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