Missouri Goes Big : New Additions and Old Favorites…Part 2

Couple more additions, …. everything is listed in the Great Lakes and all around fresh water page.

Seems like I can’t put down my prism pen or stop tying  3 sets of eyes on every fly!  Never thought I could marker marabou, looks good to me.


Barred Carp Bass Bonefish fly

Hammerhead Barred Backstabber Tan and Black


Carp fly warm water fly


awesome carp fly


Hammerhead Tailer Teaser Barred

Barred Hammerhead Teaser


puglisi fiber carp fly great lakes

Barred Rough Teaser


crayfish flies for carp

Puglisi Crayfish


big pink Carp fly

the Belly Bomb?


Carp pattern warm water saltwater

Mallard Stabber HH


carp pattern mallard on hook

Painted mallard stabber

giant wooly buggers without hackle lots of eyes for rattle carp fly

Barred HH Bugger


mottled carp fly pattern goby

HH bugger wet


….part 3 coming soon

8 Responses to 'Missouri Goes Big : New Additions and Old Favorites…Part 2'

  1. Geoff Anderson says:

    Chris, the only thing I recall having a problem with was using sharpie on marabou, after being cast and striped in a few times the marker started to wear off, Im curious to see how well the prismacolor markers will hold up. i used them on some rope flies for gar and eventually the color bled off.

  2. Kev says:

    They all look great. I’ll have to try that double eye thing. I like the look plus it adds more weight.

  3. Gregg Martin says:

    Those are sweet! I also was going to comment on colors in general, they always bled off for me, good to see success for you. I think the material has as much to do with it as type.


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