My New Go Too Carp Fly

Best Carp fly flies pattern

Blind Squirrel

I had to give this Carp fly a post of its own.  With no weight and a hook point up ride it’s fast proving to be one of my most effective flies this season for sight fishing to spooky carp in 3 ft of water or less.   I’ve gone to a swiss straw under casing for a more finished look.  I did a few up with bucktail, which is viable, and one with EP fibers which are not as good at keeping the hook point up, but squirrel is still the way to go.  You get a killer crayfish look and despite having no weight the fly still has a good sink rate, whatever is lost in sink rate is far outweighed by it’s ability to present to fish that would otherwise bolt the second anything with eyes touches the water.   With or without eyes this fly gets the job  done. I wouldn’t overlook this pattern!


Carp fly pattern flies for carp

bucktail version underbelly

Carp flies the blind squirrel

Bucktail version

Big blind squirrel carp flies pattern

Tied big with burnt orange bucktail, turkey undercase, and two colors of schlapen




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