New Materials = New Flies

Mallard and Turkey Flat stabbers with legs….So far so good.  I fished one of these this am, I might have had one bite :) lol…Lots of grass carp up shallow doin their thing, but not aggressively seeking anything.   It was good to get out.  Give it 2 weeks and fish will be on the bite.  Warmer weather and rain should move things on their way.


prototype carp fly crayfish

The original Turkey Flat x Mallard with legs


Carp fly pattern crayfish with legs


carp fly with legs




Carp fly extra eyes rattle

Junk in the trunk Version



2 Responses to 'New Materials = New Flies'

  1. Gregg Martin says:

    Those are nice, you wouldn’t show us a true reject after all. Do you have a theory regarding leg color v. body color? I see that many of your flies have contrasting legs as opposed to the body color. I try to have both as close as possible so far. Does experience show you I’m missing something?


  2. Hmm? I never really gave it any though. I think I just look at what legs I’ve got and go by feel “subconsciously”. I’ve never really been a legs guy honestly…I have no idea what the significance of leg color is…I’d have to fish one fly with different color legs a lot….I’m not a huge fan of legs…but they do seem appropriate sometimes. 90% of the time I’m a stripped down no legs kind of guy.
    On another note, I have had my great lakes flies criticized for being one tone…maybe that’s where I get it?
    It never really crosses my mind…other than, “what do I want to do with this fly”
    …creatively speaking

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