Old Trusty Goes to Town

The Ruff Dub Craw is a tried and true carp killer that few fish will pass up.  When it comes to Carp flies, this is one of the best.

Carp fly

Some of his latest victims

Carp with a carp fly in his mouth

Carp caugh on a ruff dub Crayfish

And the one I wish I had gotten a better photo of…



9 Responses to 'Old Trusty Goes to Town'

  1. Gregg Martin says:

    Keep up the fish success stories, I mean, few are not. My mouth waters over your home H20.


    • Its been good to me this spring as far as the commons are concerned. It all depends on the Missouri River staying low which keeps the upper creek sight-fishable. Last year the river went up and never came down, I think this year may be a little different.

  2. John Madert says:

    Hmm …. too bad the camera auto-focused on the vegetation.

    Machete or Woodman’s Pal should fix that.

  3. McTage says:

    Nice simple fly. That last fish looks like a real beast.

  4. FishnDave says:

    Those last TWO look pretty big! Good-lookin’ fly.
    Are you fishing these most often over mud or rock?

  5. Gregg Martin says:


    I must ask, that looks like a chenille rather than dubbing. If so, or if dubbed, it’s a neat texture and color.


    • No its yarn dubbing and squirrel tail in a dubbing loop. it could be tied with any conventional dubbing mix or even chenille but I shy away from chenille because I think dubbing looks better.

  6. José Silva says:


    Can you tell me a link to buy this dubbing?


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