Running the Gambit

I’m all over the place lately, going from here to there and back again.  From dubbing to grass carp flies, to crayfish, and great lakes flies.  It’s gotten to the point I fall asleep thinking about flies.  Balance?  probably not much.  So here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Carp Worm:


Carp fly worm

Carp Worm

I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t fish worms…but I think I will be soon.  This reminds me of some seriously hackled buggers I used to have with hide tails that were pretty killer on the Bass.

Blending Dubbing:

squirrel dubbing

Squirrel tail mix

If you didn’t already know, I love to blend dubbing.  This is a squirrel tail mix I did up for a customer  in Texas.

Trying to Sell Dubbing:

I really wouldn’t mind selling dubbing…This is the base dubbing bag I offer for $10.00 next to a 2.50 bag from the store.  No takers yet. :)

bag of dubbing

My attempt at selling dubbing


Dubbing mix for sale

Brown Base with Light Brown Sparkle


Dubbing Mix for Sale

Brown, lt. brown sparkle, orange

Working or Grass Carp Flies:

Pellet flies are a part of any serious Grass Carp fisherman’s arsenal.  I can’t and won’t claim that pellets are my favorite but they certainly have their place.  There are times and conditions when few other flies will do.  One such situation is on rising water conditions when the Grass Carp feed (almost) exclusively on vegetation at the bank.  Typically the fish’s head is no deeper than 5 inches and about the same from the bank, leaving little opportunity to place a fly.  The best time to cast is when the fish decides to move over a few feet for some fresh grass, or you can plop it near the fishes head and it will often look for what the heck that was the just fell in the water.

carp flies

Deer Hair Pellets for the Grassies

In my experience the fish will take deer hair pellets no problem most of the time….but for other occasions I like a scummier look.  Weather dubbed over the foam or superglued to it…this fly will often fool a wary carp.

Grass Carp Fly floating

Dubbing wrapped foam ball


Grass Carp fly

Supper glue version of Dubbing wrapped foam


Floating Grass Carp fly for sale

In the water


Wool without foam... not very floaty


Tying Big Flies with Big Fly Dubbing:

I really like this fly, not so much for Carp but Hybrid Bass, Catfish, and Drum.  A yellow head and white tail is another great combination.  When tying these larger flies, I like to cut my yarn at about 1 inch long to get the biggest bushiest fly possible.  This fly should suit Great Lakes carp just fine.

Big Carp Fly

Big fly dubbing

Tying Marabou Carp Crayfish Flies:

I will be honest, I like the look of this fly.  Slightly more complex than your typical bugger, the extra work to get the spread claw look is probably worth it.

Carp Fly

Marabou Carp Crayfish


Carp fly


Making Other People’s Flies My Own!:

Here’s a Mike’s Carp Candy Variation tied on a size 4 sl45.  This guy features a big tail with the hide split for extra action…fat dubbed body, front wing and weed guard.  No doubt a producer.

Carp fly carp candy variation

Large Carp Candy Variation



4 Responses to 'Running the Gambit'

  1. Kev says:

    I like the deer hair flies a lot. How much do you charge for those?

    • Hey kev I got $2.00 on the silver stainless and 2.15 on the SL45′s . I’ve got olive tan and white. If you’re wanting some we can do the deal via email or through the shop…if you can find your way to them …carp fly store->floating flies and worms.

  2. Kev says:

    Would you give me a deal on the dear hair floating flies? I want to get some of the grass color and brown.

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