The Blind Squirrel Gets Busy Bustin Carp Nuts

Carp on the fly

Busted by the Blind Squirrel


Carp taken on a blind squirrel carp  fly

Dead Center

The Blind Squirrel Carp flies

Blind Squirrel

Not even 24hrs ago I was ranting and raving about The Blind Squirrel, a fly I hadn’t even fished yet! Well guess what, this little critter bites.   The fishing today was tough…I walked 2/3rds  of the lake without seeing a single fish.  When I started seeing fish through the choppy glare it was a hopeless situation, by the time I saw them they saw me.  Then luck struck, a feeding fish within range that didn’t know i was there!  I made a poor cast and tried to throw again but got hung up on some woody junk at the waters edge just a few feet from the feeding fish.  I resigned myself to yet another lost opportunity and went quietly down the bank expecting every next step to send the fish off.  I reached long with my rod tip and freed the fly.  I peered back into the water, unbelievably the fish was still there.  My next cast was on target and the Blind Squirrel took  it’s first victim.  Just up the bank I came across two more carp.  The first cast got no hit, the second took another wary carp for a stoll.  I traveled around the lake again and saw nothing.  The wind was up, 20-30mph, so I called it a day.  I just can’t say enough about this fly.  It’s weightless tie truly makes it a silent assassin.

The blind squirrel carp fly belly

The Squirrels Belly


And for those of you who tie and want to see this done here’s a video for you.


6 Responses to 'The Blind Squirrel Gets Busy Bustin Carp Nuts'

  1. John Madert says:

    A non-weighted (slow sinking) buggy-critter fly should be in every carper’s fly box. I fished a bushy black & rust Montana Stone Fly nymph for years !! Just the weight of the hook to make it descend.
    Store-bought versions were wrapped with lead wire and were simply too heavy. Could not make them suspend in the carp’s face.

    Would like to see a tying tutorial or vid for the Blind Squirrel.

  2. Gregg Martin says:

    Nice fly and story! I agree with John, my light fly is an egg pattern, it works wonders for me.


  3. Gregg Martin says:

    OK Chris, I HAVE to tie that fly! I think I will use thin skin or scud back for the bottom. I have some carp water that is shallow, but full of branches collected here as it’s a small cove windward, and the wind really blows here. When I use my light fly, an egg tie, I hang up way to often. I will let you know how it works for me.

    Best, Gregg

  4. Yeah, Keep me ?us posted Gregg. I snag branches occasionally but not as much as hook point down…it’s pretty weedless.

  5. Rob says:

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    • S. Cunningham says:

      Yeah, I just discovered this site recently and it’s really great stuff. I want to go carp fishing so bad right now! I hope we see more in 2016.
      Thank you Missouriflies.

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