The Crayfish Chronic Carp Fly

Carp fly flies Pattern weeless stainless for sale store


Just playing around at the vise…This fly is a cross between what I’d call a Shafted Backstabber and the Carp Chronic .  Now, the shafted backstabber I’ve only tied well once, and boy did that fly move well in the water.  The way to tie it is very similar to any other Backstabber but instead of the marabou us the thick maraboued base of of a saddle hackle or grizzly marabou feather clipping the front portion out. You should have a 1-2 inch section of thick saft with marabou.  Tie the thick shaft in just behind the eyes for the Crayfish Chronic or towards the head for the Shafted Backstabber, and allow the thick shaft to extend back to the hook bend.  The problem I’ve always had with this fly is that one side of the feather tends to have longer barbs giving an uneven fly, but you can find feathers with equal length barbs to produce a nice fly. This one looked so nice I had to put a weed guard on it cus I know I will be fishing this one (for a long time to come).  No dirty, algae covered log in going to take this fly from me!


Carp Fly Pattern with weedguard on Bone Fish Hook

Crayfish Chronic Carp Fly


Carp fly flies weedless pattern crayfish backstabber


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