The Roughest Longest Dub on the Planet

Well, maybe I exaggerate, maybe I don’t.   I recently received a request for 5 different colors of rough dub; Rust Brown, Olive Brown, Bright Orange, Black, and White.  I followed a rough ratio of materials and happened upon these 5 beautiful shades, which each have their recipes recorded  for repeating future blends.  As always, if interested in dubbing, contact me for a quote.

Here’s what I came up with…


custom rough fly dubbing  big fly dubbing

Missouriflies Custom Rough Dubbing (Rusty Brown)



All 5 colors layed out



fly dubbing big fly custom dub





carp fly with custom dubbing by

Big difference without the flash!


fly dubbing black custom rough long



carp fly with custom rough fly dubbing












fly tying dubbing for big flies orange

















3 Responses to 'The Roughest Longest Dub on the Planet'

  1. Gregg Martin says:

    Those colors and textures, as far as I can tell, look real good. The white interests me most, hard to find good white dubbing. What method do you use most to apply the dubbing?


    • You mean like, loop dub vs touch dub vs packing dub.
      Loop usually, however packing it like wool can be rewarding as well, the head will come out more like a deer hair bass bug…

      to make the dubbing was a mix of water blending for the dificult to seperate fibers and air blending for the final product. Water blending sucks but for long dub..its the only choice.

  2. FishnDave says:

    Those look great, Chris! I have dubbing envy…. :)

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