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My Weapon of Choice for Grass Carp, Catfish, and Bluegill: Dubbing and Tie.

Here’s a how to piece on a simple fly that outperforms almost everything else where I fish.   Throw on a Marabou tail and boom, another killer pattern, though geared more towards catfish and bass.  Do a hackle with that and get a hook point up wooly bugger!  Really though, I’ve barely tied on anything else the last month.  Did I mention how simple it is? You don’t need anything special just some black dubbing, eye’s, turkey feather in black or similar, and a hook.  Mix your own dubbing and you’ll have endless fun with this pattern… The flies below are all on size 4, which is good for bigger fish during the berry drop, maybe year round? Its a step up in size for me, but just barely.  Deadly effective, no matter what you fish for.  Have fun with it! Change the colors up and do whatever, but black and brown are my favorites.

top warm water fly

Video Footage for Late August Early September

Lately I’ve been documenting my fishing with video instead of photo’s.  Here’s the Latest action out of the STL.  Isaac brought us some of the first real rains of the year and the fishing has been interesting.






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Deer Creek Park: Urban Bluegill and Carp

I managed to turn a trip to the store into a bit of an outing. I scouted Deer Creek Park several weeks ago and noticed a healthy bluegill population. I made sure to pack the 3wt and after I picked up my supplies at the fly shop I headed down to the park. I was greeted by this sign.

Believe it or not this is nothing new to me.  I’ve been fishing in waters posted like this for years!  You gotta fish where the fish are right?  Well enough of the rationalizations.   Once I got down into the creek I tied on a black ops.  Several seconds later….

It was on like donkey kong.  The creek was seriously thick with green sunfish ready to eat anything.  I made my way up the creek to a large pool.  After several minutes of slaughtering the hoards I notice what looked like a carp.  Sure enough there were a couple buffalo, some grass carp, and about 10 commons.  On my way back down the creek I let a rough dub loose on a common grazing on a “compost” pile.   The carping wasn’t great but it was a real bonus to hook up on one.  If your thinking of fishing here, be warned the wading is dangerous…there is trash and rebar everywhere…even some dumpsters, engine blocks, and old telephones…  but some of the creek is really quite nice (the part with all the fish!). Durring a normal year with a little more flow the creek has some potential to hold some nice carp.  This Creek feeds the River Des Peres, another highly poluted but possible carp spot here in the STL.



Have I covered all the Bases

Pretty sure I could go out and catch 90-95% of whats out there with whats right here…Bass bluegill trout catfish carp you name it.

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