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Missouri Goes Big : New Additions and Old Favorites…Part 1

Here’s a quick teaser for all you Great Lakes guys and general warm-water guys,  no particular order…more coming soon. Oh yeah, check out the
Great Lakes and all around freshwater Page too if your interested.



freshwater crayfish fly with wide body and extra eyes for rattle and size

Hammerhead Rough Dub Crayfish


Carp fly

Great Lakes Blind Squirrel


carp fly for the great lakes

Depth Charge


Hammerhead Depth Charge Carp fly freshwater fly fishing

Hammerhead Depth Charge


big backstabber fly for big game and big carp

Hammerhead Backstabber


awesome great lakes carp fly

Rabbit Charger Deep


big fat freshwater saltwater fly good for great lakes carp

HH Fatboy 2 Tone


freshwater saltwater fly carp in the great lakes

HH Rock Dartrer


Killer fly

Pink Mallard Meat


Carp fly for great lakes tied with mallard on stainless with rattle hammer head

Mallard Meat


Crayfish fly for carp and other freshwater species

Painted Puglisi Craw


Carp fly for Great lakes carp

HH Barred Reactor Bug


barred carp fly

Barred Bugger

Maybe 2012 Isn’t Over Yet!

I’ve got some serious fish on the brain!  I will hit the water again…  This time its small weedless creepies and glow in the dark bait fish.  I love how this first nymph came out, and weedless!  Here’s the nymph more to come…










































and the glow in the dark clan…

I’ve got a couple theme’s here…but it’s mostly small bait fish with a couple bigger ones thrown in.






Now I need to get on the water after dark or before sun up…Hopefully I get the chance and a couple bites.

As fate would have it, the boss man isn’t answering his phone, so that meeting today might be off…I going tonight!

Here monster catfish…..

July and August: Fly Fishing the Missouri River

Lower Missouri River Drought of 2012

Carp cuaght on a fly in missouri


Conditions have conspired to keep me from posting for some time now.   I had intended to follow up the last post with a video compilation focusing on my techniques for grass carp, or maybe just me catching grass carp.  Long story short…I couldn’t upload the compilation for some reason and had already erased most of the good individual video’s  I wanted to include.  This, coupled with the seriously crippling heat wave,  difficulty accessing some of my favorite water,  followed by the summer Olympics has led me into a sort of blogging malaise.    On the bright side I do have some footage I can post shortly (A, B, C, Gar) and I have been able to get out occasionally and catch some fish.  The Missouri river has been low all year and is incredibly beautiful.  Grass Carp are the staple fish in the big river but Commons, Drum, Bass, Catfish, and Bluegill  are often found in feeder creeks.  I like to use small crayfish or small black nymphs for most of my fishing, but have also found damsel green backstabbers to be a good alternative.



Hammer Head Rough Dub Crayfish: Top Producer, Beaver Island Michigan (and Everywhere Else)

Carp flies
Crayfish fly pattern for carp and other species

Anyone who has followed my blog has probably heard me talk about a fly I call the “Rough Dub Squirrel Tail Crayfish“.  Two years ago I fished almost nothing else.  After a brief hiatus I’ve come full circle but with a twist.  Several months ago I received a request to provide some patterns for a trip to Beaver Island Michigan.  I’m used to tying small crayfish but was looking to beef things up a bit.  Having been around a while I am aware of the Hammerhead Carp fly by Ian Anderson.  One thing led to another and before you know it I was tying gobies with 4 eyes.  The extra eyes allowed for a larger dubbed body but left me a little cold with with  the big flat bar of eyes across the front.  Not only did the flies look a bit funny the eyes were subject to large amounts of torque.  I settled on a 6 eyed fly that allowed me to build out the body, protect the double eye set and still have a reasonable head profile.  Being such a fan of squirrel tail crayfish it was inevitable that the Rough Dub would take on 6 eyes and become the Hammer Head Rough Dub. After the trip to Michigan the official report on this fly was that it took more fish than any other single pattern.  I honestly wasn’t surprised at all.

warm water fly for carp drum bass and more

Even without the extra eyes the pattern is highly effective.  If you  put one of the HH versions up to your head and shake it you will hear why the fly can be so effective and is killer in off colored water where the fish could use a little help keying in on the fly.   Once they are close enough to see the pattern, the squirrel tail claws and custom dubbing do the rest.   The fly easily takes lead eyes and can be tied in sizes 2-6.  Virtually every fly I tie for myself is weedless.  That allows me to put the fly deep over rock and snags losing only a few flies in a good days fishing.  Aside from carp, this has to be the best Drum fly I have ever tied and should kill the Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and even trout.  Individual flies available or contact me for quotes on custom packs.

Carp flies

Using the name Hammer Head seems a little cheesy but I honestly don’t know what else to call it…come up with a name that sticks and I will send you a complimentary craw pack.

For those interested you can view the HH Craw gallery here.