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My New Baitfish Thing

All based off the Murdich Minnow.  Lots of fun to tie, and when your done you get to glue the eyes. Which makes you want to do it all over again. And repeat.

July 1st, 2nd 2015: Warry Hybrids hit only in the flow.

I haven’t seen a multiple bass day in some time… the fish I do catch are bout 2 ft off the bank… and they only hit when the pumps are flowing or have just stopped, which today was once per hour or so.  I fished through the spot with a HH sculpin/leech for 30 min or so and wandered off looking for something more fun, all the while knowing my chances were about 3% .  The Pumps blasted off and I wast just barely too far down the bank to get back.  “I’ll make the next one” I told myself and that held true.  I cast multiple times into the full blast outflow with no luck…its a bit strong where the fish like to hold… the pumps stopped and the bubble clouded water began to clear, I cast across to the far side of the prior flow right out about 3 ft off the rip rap, I strip, stripped and wham… big solid not moving much fish then rips off the bank at lightspeed leaving a visible wake…he’s burning line through my fingers as I look down to see line somehow not right … I increase the finger tension danger tight while still allowing the fish to run praying for just a second of time to get my line in order, before he broke me off or reached  the other side.  The fix was as easy as letting go of my coils and removing my hand from the mess. Within a second or two the fish hit the reel.. boss hog.  The day before was very similar.  NO action whatsoever …accept in the flow, and just one fish is all you might get. So time is getting away from me but here’s the fish from the last two days and a couple others for fun! enjoy. Carp fishing is on hold… but I will get back soon I hope.  One last thing before I go… water has been falling in the creek for about 3 days, with minimal rain. Its a beautiful clear brown…always good for the bass fishing, and the soul.

Hybrid bass big ?

Satisfaction (july 2nd)

hybrid bass St. louis, mo

July 1st YES!

Who’s fly? pretty close on the tie! …. “July 1st” tried to hang me up and did…I went in with rod tip to free him and your fly came too…

Here’s the whole photo pile…