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Perfection Loop to Fly Knot

Back in the day I told myself that one of my claims to fame was going to be….drum roll please, using a perfection loop to tie on my fly.  If youtube views and comments are any indicator, I’ve made quite an impression with my idea.   Now, I know, I know…45,000 views isn’t that many..but it blows all my other stuff out of the water!  I’d have never guessed this video would rack up the hits.

The pro con on this knot In my view is all pro.  Some will tell you its weaker than the no slip mono loop, I say “whatever”.  The knot is smaller, quicker, easier, and won’t slip on mono or fluoro or wire for that matter, something the no slip mono can not do.  And, I use that knot exclusively for everything, except in the rare case I need to nail knot to my fly line.  One knot does it all, plus chances are its already the knot you use to add tippet to your leader, why do yo need more strength at the fly than you have in the leader chain?

Those are my views, but I’m open to others.

On a side note I hit lake 35 at Busch this am.  Saw a big musky come up on the surface…exciting shit.

Here’s what all the fuss is about

No Slip Loop Knot vs Perfection Loop Knot, a discussion

I’ve been looking for some solid information about knots.  I already know that no one out there has ever used a perfection loop to attach their fly the way I do and I’ve finally got some solid feed back from a guy named Gavin who runs down in the Cayman Islands.  This is how our conversation went…I hope someone will find this usefull
Hi Davin,  I was curious …have you ever tried a perfection loop knot vs the no slip loop?  its easier to tie…and smaller? same strength?… i dont know. I fish 20lb fluoro and the knot holds easy. I used to use your no slip loop knot with mono, but when i switched to fluoro i couldnt get the knot to hold, it would work itself free.   I use the perfection loop for all my fishing now… grass carp, catfish , hybrid bass, bluegill etc.  of course with 20lb my hooks fail before my knot does :) .  you can see me tie it at – videos- at the bottom of the page.



Hi Christopher,

Nice video. You know, I’ve never tried the perfection loop to attach my fly. I’ll give it a shot, though, just to see.

As for the non-slip loop, here are the things I know about it. I’ve used it exclusively for my flouro bite tippets while tarpon fishing–40, 60, and 80 pound–and have never had it slip or work loose. I’ve caught 90-100 pound tarpon on it, no worries. For these heavier lines you only need a 2-3 turn knot, whereas the lighter bonefish leaders (say 10-16 pound) need 5 turns to be damn near 100%. (I’ve personally tested in on my Boga-Grip.) The knot is straight, small, VERY easy to tie (I can retie and still keep my eye on the fish, I can retie while walking down the beach chasing fish, etc), and very, very strong. The key is you MUST leave a short tag because the line will work back into the knot on a heavy fish. This is because it’s almost impossible to fully seat the knot when you first tie it. But, no worries; leave a 1/8″ tag and you’re good. The fact that the knot is straight and not kicked to one side like the perfection loop can be is key for fishing tarpon. A bend or kink anywhere in the leader system can cause the fly to ride funny, and then the tarpon won’t eat it.

Finally, unless I really need the fly to sink or I’m fishing for tarpon or snook, I never use flouro. It’s stiff, brittle, sinks (which is bad for bonefish over turtle grass) and knots can be weird with it. Also, due to the fact that it’s round, it can’t be invisible to the fish. I find the suppleness of mono gives my flies more life and gets more bites (at least for bone) than flouro. However, if I’m fishing somewhere with deeper water and sandy bottom, I will switch to flouro because it will help the fly sink faster and get down to the fish. I can definitely see where it would be an advantage in river with flowing water and bottom-feeding fish.

Anyways, nice site and thanks for touching base. Always good to hear from another hardcore fly-guy. (Love the pic of the opened hook… I’ve seen those a time or two.)

Tight lines,