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How to Beef Up Your Backstabber and More…


great lakes carp fly bass fly saltwater fly

bass carp saltwater fly

Stationary fighting craw mode...strips spread legs flare


looks like a dad!



In my book, the backstabber carp fly should be as ubiquitous as the clouser minnow, or the wooly bugger.  Not only is the fly in the same class, but its far more versatile as far as  materials and styles in which it can be tied.  Perhaps I exaggerate.  In my last post I showed how to use mallard feathers to make delicate backstabbers.  In this post you get a recipe for a fly at he opposite end of the spectrum.   Weather its a crayfish or a sculpin …this fly is sure to do the trick.

In order to get the big fly I wanted here, I tied on size 2 and 4 hooks and used my Hammerhead style to get some size, rattle, and stability on these babies.  This fly gets turkey flat pecs, and two 1/8th inch barred zonker stirps for wings, finished with a collar hackle and a weed guard for bottom work.  The end product is certainly worthy of large freshwater species and saltwater species as well.

Take note that the pecs look quite large.  However, in wet testing the flies, I found a good looking delta wing shape that looks a lot like a sculpin or gobi.  And when stationary in the water the wings seem to be just about right for crayfish legs.   All in all, I expect to take some heavy fish on these boys soon.  This would probably make for a really nice Great Lakes carp fly, and general predator probe.

bouble bunny backstabber with pecs

First the turkey flat pectorals get tied in. The the rabbit goes on top. Whats cool about this fly is that the feathers flare to the sides, but also vertically between the two strips, forming a dorsal fin of sorts.




carp fly great lakes




Carp fly bass fly

These Claws tend to float relative to the rest of the fly and waive around quite a bit. I decided to hit the under side of the claws with some marker to put this fly over the edge, don't forget the flared mallard tail.



Carp fly, warm water fly fishing fly

I'd eat this!



Carp fly pattern warm water fly bass fly weedless



vargo's carp fly Missouriflies carp


looks like a crayfish carp fly great lakes


Carp on the fly weedless warm water flies

Notice on this fly how the pectoral fins meet in the center and shoot up. I like this a lot! (Turkey Flats)



carp fly pattern


Weedless great lakes carp fly

This basic color, shape and make up of fly has been absolutely deadly in the past coupled with a weedguard and you have one bad ass sculpin or giant tadpole. This fly rocks. The second set of double eyes went on the rear of this fly. the set up extra room for mid body tie ins and is supper stable for bottom dragging.



great spring catfish fly

Great pattern to have in your Midwestern warm water arsenal. Can be tremendous on Catfish Hybrid Bass and Drum



great for fly fishing for catfish hybrid bass drum etc

Same here. Tie this fly with your favorite bright dubbing or estez, nothing to it. Deadly in the right circumstances.




carp flies


carp flies that can be used for any species


Carp flies or warm water flies or saltwater flies weedless flies


great flies

Dragon Buggers

Mallard Backstabbers, Whats New in Carp on the Fly!

Carp fly made with mallard


Ok, lets move past that dubbing post.  Mallard is one of my new Favorite materials.  I think this backstabber looks hot…Notice the “unfinished” head.  I really like this set up for more reasons than the ease…its clean and fishes well, even in the smallest sizes.  This is proven technology here after all! …F dubbing through the eyes! keep it simple folks.  You can pick the top patterns of all time and focus on those, with maybe one or two of my flies…hahaha.   Backstabbers of all shapes and sizes, buggers of all type, my black ops, rough dub crayfish….leeches.  Anyhow, what we have here is a backstabber style fly originated by Jay Zimmerman.  Jay likes his eyes in the middle of the hook with  the wing and collar in front of the eye. A devastating pattern no doubt, I prefer the simplistic ease of creating very delicate and very simple flies using very little material and keeping the eyes all the way forward.  This fly would also take a weed guard well compared to the alternative.  When I finally do get on the water I will certainly be getting these flies wet, I don’t have any doubts this fly will do the trick and do it well.

In the water…

Carp flies in the water backstabber style

on land…

a new carp fly using mallard backstabber style



carp fly tied with mallard


Note: Wing is a single feather with the tip cut out but can be two separate feathers depending on how much bulk you want on the fly.  Collar is two separate feathers with tips tied in on either side.  Keep in mind that the angle and amount of dubbing at the head of the fly plays some role in the splay of the wing and collar, I could really care less if my “claws” cross or flare or what…looks good at this point.  Hope that sparks some ideas for someone.  Got my Mallard at Cabela’s.  7.50  for a big bag… unsorted sizes but I really like the material now that I’ve tried it, beautiful barring and tone.

Missouriflies’ Custom Dubbing Mix Chart Goes Live

The Missouriflies’ Dubbing Chart Arrives! Click lower right to go full screen. Select Edit Workbook from upper left, click edit in Excel web app. Once you have made your blend click File -> Share -> Share with People from upper left and send me and email.


Every dubbers nightmare is not being able to repeat a prior performance.  With the new Chart we can eliminate the guess work and kick out Kick Ass Dubbing every time.  Mixing dubbing is dangerous, and even addictive, let me do the dirty work while you sit back and marvel at your creation…all repeatable.  Save your spread sheets, take notes, and pass them along…Basic dubs you should find to be quite economical and are typically 3:1 soft fiber to coarse sparkle fiber and a touch of UV Ice dub..@ 1.80 per 2 gram bag…the same bags that go for $2.00-2.75 at the store.  Below Is the Chart with example numbers from a Mix I did today for some size 4 Hammerhead Rough Dubs. pics of the dubbing after that. This is a work in progress but the chart is live now! You can edit the sheet on your end and email it back to me…I can give you a quote at that time. I accept paypal.



This is what it looks like…

Carp fly pattern




custom dubbing blend by


fly tying materials dubbing custom dubbing Chart bulk dubbing




mix your own dubbing

Rusty Brown Carp Flies

Well, I decided to take some time off from tying up orders and tie for “myself”…are the puff balls finished flies do you think?  Perhaps some dubbing to complete the head?  Simple is always Best NO?  Thoughts comments always welcome.  I’m sure there will be a lot more of where these came from.


The Half Prince Carp Ball Fly

carp fly fishing pattern

Barred Marabou 1/2 Prince? Hmm?


Here we’ve got about 4 barred marabou feathers wrapped on the shank giving a great looking puff ball Carp pattern.  I added a couple rubber legs to spice this one up a bit giving it a sort of Carp fisherman’s prince nymph look.   I think Its a bit bare on the head but I’ve had good luck with similar flies.


The Creeping Zonker Carp Fly

carp fly fishing flies

Creeping Zonker Rusty Brown


Here’s a fly that’s already in the fly store, the Creeping Zonker.  I  tied this up with some recently acquired rusty brown rabbit strips.  I like this pattern with or without legs, its sure to be a hit with the Carp, Catfish, Bass,and even Trout.  I catch some really nice hybrid Bass, and Freshwater Drum on this type of fly where I fish.


The Full Prince Carp Ball Fly

Carp fly fishing pattern

Barred marabou full Prince

Another  Barred Marabou puff ball, this ones got legs in the back to complete the Carp fisher’s “prince nymph” style fly.  I can’t imaging any self respecting carp letting this one get away.


Rabbit Bugger Carp Fly

simple brown rabbit Carp fly

Simple Rusty Brown

This Carp Pattern is tied like the Creeping Zonker above only the body is made from the same piece of rabbit strip the forms the tail, wrapped on like dubbing or hackle.  I’ve trimmed the bottom of this one for a stable fly with a flat base, though that’s  likely unnecessary as soft as rabbit fur is.