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Industrial Dubbing Blender

In my quest to find the largest simplest dubbing blender on planet earth I’ve created Cotton Candy 1.0.  Granted, not for your casual fly tier, but it will do just fine for me to create  large batches of dubbing from yarn stock, and then large finished batches of multi yarn mixes.   I almost have to wonder if I should apply for a patent on this one! :)

If you have an air compressor your 90% there.  I’ve used a giant crouton container from Sam’s with a screw top lid.  I cut a grid into the side with a grinder, then I slathered the inside of the grid with silicone and glued a section of cotton cloth(t-shirt or other).  To finish this off, I made a small hole in the top which is just smaller than the tip of my air nozzle, making an air tight fit.  Let the silicone dry.  Cut more yarn than you’ve ever cut before  into the jar…fire up the compressor and blast away.  It took 1-2 min for this batch which came out 99.8% separated.  Not bad for the 1.0 model.

After using this a few times I like to stick to about 10-12 ft of yarn per batch for best separation.  For yarn that’s really hard to separate I’ve given in and gone to a wet blender, which seems to work very well.  I was just at Sam’s Club today and they have some massive pretzel jars for around 5 bucks, maybe a little too massive, but look around and you will find something that you can use as well.



Dubbing Blender

The New Dubbing Blender


Dubbing Blender

Dubbing Blender Filled with Fresh Product


Dubbing blender

A little Perspective


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Rusty Brown Carp Flies

Well, I decided to take some time off from tying up orders and tie for “myself”…are the puff balls finished flies do you think?  Perhaps some dubbing to complete the head?  Simple is always Best NO?  Thoughts comments always welcome.  I’m sure there will be a lot more of where these came from.


The Half Prince Carp Ball Fly

carp fly fishing pattern

Barred Marabou 1/2 Prince? Hmm?


Here we’ve got about 4 barred marabou feathers wrapped on the shank giving a great looking puff ball Carp pattern.  I added a couple rubber legs to spice this one up a bit giving it a sort of Carp fisherman’s prince nymph look.   I think Its a bit bare on the head but I’ve had good luck with similar flies.


The Creeping Zonker Carp Fly

carp fly fishing flies

Creeping Zonker Rusty Brown


Here’s a fly that’s already in the fly store, the Creeping Zonker.  I  tied this up with some recently acquired rusty brown rabbit strips.  I like this pattern with or without legs, its sure to be a hit with the Carp, Catfish, Bass,and even Trout.  I catch some really nice hybrid Bass, and Freshwater Drum on this type of fly where I fish.


The Full Prince Carp Ball Fly

Carp fly fishing pattern

Barred marabou full Prince

Another  Barred Marabou puff ball, this ones got legs in the back to complete the Carp fisher’s “prince nymph” style fly.  I can’t imaging any self respecting carp letting this one get away.


Rabbit Bugger Carp Fly

simple brown rabbit Carp fly

Simple Rusty Brown

This Carp Pattern is tied like the Creeping Zonker above only the body is made from the same piece of rabbit strip the forms the tail, wrapped on like dubbing or hackle.  I’ve trimmed the bottom of this one for a stable fly with a flat base, though that’s  likely unnecessary as soft as rabbit fur is.


Carp Fly Patterns Fresh From the Bench

Found some new materials laying around in the stash, dubbed up a couple larger patterns for Carp, Catfish, or Bass.  Simple patterns are always nice, the muddler style fly has potential, didn’t get this one quite right.  Also picked up a bunch of new yarn in orange and red for some new dubs and a bunch of different color rabbit strips, hooks, new scissors, all at a sweet discount.  Thank E!  Dare not say the name, you never know who’s going to be reading.   More patterns coming soon.  Just wanted to post a couple pics fore i hit the slopes.


Carp fly with sparkle dub bead chain eyes on stainless

Sparkle Dub Big Bugger for a Simple Carp Fly

Carp Fly Muddler Pattern

Carp Muddler Possibility

The Carp Chronic

Carp Fly pattern for carp fly fishing, carp flies

The Carp Chronic Fly

The Carp Chronic is super powerful stuff.  One hit and most Carp are done!  Lots of life in the tail with  marabou, crystal flash, and rubber.   Wire wrapped body, estez dub, on stainless, and bead chain eyes to finish it off.  Careful! Fish get hooked on the  Chronic.