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May 7

We’ll, my weather station was calling for 9mph winds…not! Try 15+.  Then to add insult to injury I had some good old boys with pops running the creek.  Pops was drivin and the boys each had some big nets…one off each side of the boat trying to catch asian carp as they jump out of the water.  Good times. I was nearly swamped by those ass holes.  Not only that but they were shooting too, while i fished not 100 yards away.  I wish ida had a gun today! There’s a list of things I hate…wind and powerboats  rank near the top.  If your gunna be respectful that’s one thing but blasting the creek while there’s a guy trying to fish from a kayak doesn’t cut it.  Thats one good reason not to fish on weekends…you might run into some fuck heads.  Despite those asses i did manage a couple of fish.  I fished a size 6 black ops again and got 2 goldeye, 1 baby hybrid, and 2 channel catfish.  Then I called it a day, a guy can only handle so much bullshit.  When I got home I broke out the skipjack and the goldeye from the day before for some gyotaku fish prints.  Its not easy but im starting to get the hang of what needs to happen.

My First Gyotaku!

I saw this about a week or two ago and now its on!  I must say however it was quite awkward keeping a fish…its been years and years since i kept a fish.  I’m going to have to eat the fish I do keep so I made sure to use non toxic water soluble ink.  Let me know what you think…I’m personally pretty stoked.

Gyotaku fish print

What a Monster!

of course the eye needs to be painted in and I could add color if I wanted, but for my first try, I’m pleased with the results.