Deer Creek Park: Urban Bluegill and Carp

I managed to turn a trip to the store into a bit of an outing. I scouted Deer Creek Park several weeks ago and noticed a healthy bluegill population. I made sure to pack the 3wt and after I picked up my supplies at the fly shop I headed down to the park. I was greeted by this sign.

Believe it or not this is nothing new to me.  I’ve been fishing in waters posted like this for years!  You gotta fish where the fish are right?  Well enough of the rationalizations.   Once I got down into the creek I tied on a black ops.  Several seconds later….

It was on like donkey kong.  The creek was seriously thick with green sunfish ready to eat anything.  I made my way up the creek to a large pool.  After several minutes of slaughtering the hoards I notice what looked like a carp.  Sure enough there were a couple buffalo, some grass carp, and about 10 commons.  On my way back down the creek I let a rough dub loose on a common grazing on a “compost” pile.   The carping wasn’t great but it was a real bonus to hook up on one.  If your thinking of fishing here, be warned the wading is dangerous…there is trash and rebar everywhere…even some dumpsters, engine blocks, and old telephones…  but some of the creek is really quite nice (the part with all the fish!). Durring a normal year with a little more flow the creek has some potential to hold some nice carp.  This Creek feeds the River Des Peres, another highly poluted but possible carp spot here in the STL.



3 Responses to 'Deer Creek Park: Urban Bluegill and Carp'

  1. Geoff says:

    Chris, i used to fish in that at much lunch break. The carp are in two spots up creek from where you jumped in at in Deer creek park. They are in there but pretty small and hard to get at.

  2. I expect nothing less from you Geoff! I was at the back entrance to the park, there is a big long pool there below the train bridge that might hold fish (carp)and then I only found one spot up from there. Once one freaks they are all on the look out but I did see a couple worth catching size wise. Anything downstream of there???

  3. Geoff says:

    Im glad you expected nothing less. I used to fish behind the Owens Ridge campus. There was the train bridge for brentwood material and there was sometimes a fish or two in there. When you walk up stream from the park, before you get to the train bridge the creek makes a 90* turn “south”, there is/was a pool with some carp in it that I would get to hit on dry mullberry flies. I havent worked in that complex in over a year so Im not sure how much has changed. There isnt much upstream from there, there was a beaver pond time to time but nothing was in it.

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