A Lesson Learned?



catfish on a fly


Legend has it that small yellow flies take fish in these parts.  Its one thing I’ve never fished before, but after watching grass carp biting my light colored  line one morning, I decieded to tie up a few small yellow/green  flies and did quite well with them over the last two days.  This morning I got on the water around 5:30am and I was rewarded with some nice fish.  The little yellow fly took a big catfish to start, then a number of common carp, a grass carp, and a couple of decent Bass.  The fly was tied on size 8 with undersized bead chain eyes (size M), it didn’t ride point up but worked quite well, even better than flies with larger eyes.  I also used a 12 ft leader which seems to help with the spooky fish.    I will certainly be tying and fishing this pattern more in the future.



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  1. Gregg Martin says:

    I don’t have those #’s or variety of fish here. Lucky you! Yellowish is my one color I always carry in any variety of flies. Nice stuff.


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