Carpin March 31st The Day of The Mexican Standoff

I started out the day with a blind squirrel which took down a nice Grass Carp.

grass carp face


Then I moved on to a Mexican Standoff, the black and white one…

Up around the bend I saw a nice grass carp in the middle of a tiny “bay”.  I placed the fly within a foot and half of his head.  He swung and dove, I continued to stip and bang! Fish on.

It was hot and I’d already come from the creek but I decided to get back over there and move up instead of down  like I had in the morning…good decision!

I gave this little Mexican a workout taking three more Grass Carp and two Commons.  I even had a hefty Drum towards the end of the day, but he evaded being photographed.


common carp on a fly rod


One Response to 'Carpin March 31st The Day of The Mexican Standoff'

  1. Gregg Martin says:

    You have too much fun. Did I say I needed to move? Tied some blind squirrels, yet to try them, well, last trip found a favorite carp pond spooky barren, but one was ready to go.


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