Chris’s Carp Candy?

A contact told me that he’s had the most success fly fishing to Carp with a Carp Candy.  Not knowing the fly, I hit google images.  I’ve definitely seen this fly before but was turned off by the swanandaze wrap.  Just so happens I actually have swanandaze…Its been sitting  in my stash for probably a decade or longer, still looking as good as the day I purchased it.  I never did like the look of it, but after tying up some of the ugliest looking crayfish that never fail to catch fish, maybe its time to open my mind to the Carp Candy.


Carp Candy Fly

Chris's Carp Candy?


Carp Candy carp fly pattern


Tied up with some “gold variant” Rabbit fur on a size 6 hook with large bead chain eyes, this fly actually looks pretty good.  I can already see some of the variations that will come out of this pattern and I’m half way excited.  Being awakened to a new fly is something I will never cease to enjoy.  So if you have a favorite carp fly,your out there and reading, drop a line or a comment and let us all know about it!


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  1. Gregg Martin says:

    I have tied that fly, much promise. Not having the right sort of vinyl rib I used spanflex,flexi floss, etc. Lighter than V Rib or Swanandaze and unbreakable,it ribbed my flies very nicely. Just a thought.


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