Easy Crayfish Flies for Carp!

My little foray into the Carp Candy and a couple orders for my favorite crayfish pattern have gotten the juices flowing.  Although I’ve been in love with squirrel tail claws for some time now, I decided to give some other materials a chance.  Lets start at the beginning shall we?


The Rough Dub Carp Craw

Carp fly crayfishA long time favorite for both Common and Grass Carp, I can hardly think of a time that this little guy got turned down by a hungry fish.  It has exactly what I’m looking for in a crayfish fly, simple, effective, stable, and takes a weed guard well.   I like to dub this fly with a good bit of squirrel tail in the dubbing as well, sometimes it turns out ugly as hell, but always catches fish.



The India Hen Bug (Big Claw Craw)

Carp fly


Carp flyThis little guy features some big bad ass claws for such small crayfish.  Will it work? I have few doubts.  This fly is small enough that I can’t imagine any carp getting scarred by the over sized claws…if anything this fly will probably get all the more attention for it.  For those of you who tie the claws are crayfish orange India hen, and the dubbing probably isn’t as red/orange as it looks. I’ve added some flash antennae but this fly is still in the realm of simple to tie.


India Hen Bug (Small Claw Craw)

Carp flyNow this fly falls more in line with what I would typically fish.  A small fly with very subtle, slightly mottled claws of the small variety.   This little bug will certainly catch both Grass and Common Carp in the waters I fish.  To get the claws i first added a small ball of dubbing at the back of the hook, then I took a crayfish orange India hen feather and cut out the tip and tied it in just in front of the dubbing, then I dubbed the body…crayfish don’t have to be complicated.


Rabbit Claw Craw (small claw)

Carp flyThis bug starts out like a Carp Candy…with a bit of crayfish orange rabbit tied in at the back.  Claws are split with a bodkin and wrapped with thread each at least once and tied/wrapped into place and as always a small amount of cement is added at the tie in to help keep the claws in the right place.  A little bit tricky but doable .  It would be easy to add ribbing and/or another plume at the head ala the Carp Candy.  I traditionally keep away from softer materials like this because they can be troublesome to tie in and split, to avoid fouling and to maintain profile when the fly sinks but this should still be a viable Carp catcher.  I may have a solution to splitting  softer  materials in the next fly.


The Ginger Bug:

Carp flyMarabou has never worked for me with crayfish, at least not split claw crayfish.  I tried something new here.  After getting the eyes on and wrapping to the back, I tied in two longer than normal pieces of flash going off the back, then added a small dubbing ball to help split the claws.  Next up i tied in one clump of marabou straight off the back.  Once that was in I split the clump with a bodkin and brought the two pieces of flash through effectively splitting the claws, and tied the flash off to the shank of the hook and then folded it back 180 and tied it down going off the back for antennae.  I don’t think i even post wrapped the marabou, just added some cement at the base of each claw, dubbed the fly and was done.  Not so bad.  If I had to post wrap these or tie in two clumps I think that would be a deal breaker.  There you have it…a bunch of easy crayfish flies for Carp or whatever it is you fish too.


Carp Flies

And some late additions to the the post


Carp Fly

Candy Craw


Carp fly

Squirrel Back Crayfish

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  1. Kev says:

    Those flies look great. Are you going to post a video of how to tie any of them?

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