Grass Carp Galore

It was a beautiful day…my big mistake was to head upstream before going downstream.  By the time I found all the big active fish it was 2:30 or 3:00 and I knew my day was going to be over way way way too soon.  As I rounded the bend….I could see the Carp lined up on the grassy bank…munching on grass.  No Joke…most of these fish were 3.5 -4 ft long.  Quality fish.  I parked the kayak well back, my earlier experience up the creek told me not to play around trying to get anywhere near them, of course I probably parked a little too far away.  To make things worse…the wind had really started to kick up…but I did my best and managed too hook a 2 footer…”A 2 footer !!!!! what the heck”  I said too myself, “that’s got to be the smallest fish over there!” but i did get him on the Stealth Bomber….so now i know that fly will produce.  I could see massive fish everywhere, so i tied on a Craw Bugger and Managed to hook a big one.  As I struggled to up anchor with one hand and one foot the fish managed to free himself.  Shoulda just played im.  As i moved down the Creek, I was stunned at the  number and size of the fish I was seeing.  I contemplated hooking up with some 4-5 ft gar, but common sense got the best of me and I moved on down the creek to the now flooded carp backwater.  The fishing was great in the back water.  All I had to do was slap the surface with the fly and fish would appear out of nowhere, despite that, I only Landed two fish there, more time and overhead sunlight without the gusty wind would have helped. Despite being somewhat off my game, I had a pretty good day.  Its pretty cool to be on the water fishing with 4 and 5ft fish all around.  Work saturday…Sunday?   here’s some images


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